Chapter 3.10


3.10.010    Established.

3.10.020    Limits.

3.10.025    Police investigative fund.

3.10.030    Use policy – Disbursement restrictions.

3.10.010 Established.

There shall be established within the current expense fund of the city a separate sub-fund, entitled the petty cash fund, for the purposes of making change and reimbursing small expenditures. In order to reduce the amount of funds requiring control, the petty cash fund shall be under the control and authority of the person primarily responsible for accepting and receipting payments from the public. The petty cash fund shall be reconciled and replenished at least monthly, and shall be audited periodically by someone who does not normally have access to the money involved. (Ord. 93-17 § 2, 1993)

3.10.020 Limits.

A finance department petty cash fund shall be established in the amount of $300.00, and a police department petty cash fund shall be established in the amount of $250.00. No reimbursement shall exceed $40.00. Personal cash advances shall not be made from the petty cash fund. In addition, a change fund in the amount of $100.00 shall be maintained for each person who shall regularly serve as cashier and be required to make change and a separate such fund shall be maintained for those persons serving as backup cashier. (Ord. 2010-22 § 1, 2010: Ord. 99-37 § 1, 1999: Ord. 97-04 § 1, 1997; Ord. 93-17 § 3, 1993)

3.10.025 Police investigative fund.

In addition to the amounts shown and described in BIMC 3.10.020, there shall be maintained a police investigative fund in the amount of $5,000 under the control of the chief of police and subject to no less than the same controls described in this chapter for other portions of the city’s petty cash fund. (Ord. 2007-09 § 1, 2007: Ord. 2002-03 § 1, 2002)

3.10.030 Use policy – Disbursement restrictions.

The city council shall adopt by resolution a policy governing use of the petty cash fund and restrictions on disbursements from it. Changes to the policy must be approved by the city council. (Ord. 93-17 § 4, 1993)