Chapter 10.10


10.10.010    Unlawful to obtain parking privileges for or from resale.

10.10.020    Violation – Penalty.

10.10.010 Unlawful to obtain parking privileges for or from resale.

No person shall obtain parking privileges in any city-operated parking lot for purposes of resale or as a result of exchange from any person making a resale other than one authorized to grant such privilege on behalf of the city. “Resale” as used in this chapter shall be presumed when any person without city permit shall purchase or pay for such parking privileges for use by anyone but themselves, and/or shall permit any other persons to regularly park in such parking spaces for which they have paid the fees or obtained a valid permit. However, the city may grant special permit privileges to persons who wish to obtain parking for members of their immediate families or for employees of a business located within the city limits. (Ord. 89-08 § 1, 1989)

10.10.020 Violation – Penalty.

Any person violating any provision of this chapter shall be guilty of a civil infraction and upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by the imposition of a monetary penalty of not more than $250.00. Community service hours may be imposed in addition to or in lieu of a monetary penalty. (Ord. 89-08 § 1, 1989)