Chapter 3.18


3.18.010    Created.

3.18.020    Source of moneys.

3.18.030    Use of moneys.

3.18.040    Accounting procedures.

3.18.010 Created.

There is hereby created and established a special purpose fund to be designated and known as the general government capital improvement fund. (Ord. 1184 § 1, 2006).

3.18.020 Source of moneys.

In adopting the annual budget, and from time to time by ordinance, the council may provide for the deposit of revenues collected by the city from taxes, loans, grants, or any other source to the general government capital improvement fund in amounts sufficient to fund the expenditures budgeted in that fund. (Ord. 1184 § 2, 2006).

3.18.030 Use of moneys.

Moneys in the general government capital improvement fund shall be used to fund all capital improvement projects for general governmental purposes, other than those designated to be funded from the streets capital improvement fund and the parks capital improvement fund and to pay debt service on debt obligations incurred to finance such general government capital improvement projects, as authorized by the council in the annual budget. (Ord. 1184 § 3, 2006).

3.18.040 Accounting procedures.

The city shall establish accounting procedures to ensure that moneys deposited in the general government capital improvement fund from grants, loans or any other dedicated funding source are accounted for and expended in a manner consistent with the terms and conditions of the legislation or contractual agreements governing such funding sources. (Ord. 1184 § 4, 2006).