Chapter 14.50


14.50.010    Notice of application.

14.50.020    Notice of public hearing.

14.50.030    Method of publication.

14.50.040    Comment period.

14.50.050    Notice of decision.

14.50.010 Notice of application.

If a public notice of application is required, the director shall issue a notice of development application, within 14 days of issuing a determination of completeness under BLMC 14.40.030, containing the following information:

A. Name of the applicant(s).

B. Date of application.

C. Date of issue for the determination of completeness.

D. Location of the project.

E. Project description (summary).

F. Requested and necessary approvals, actions, and/or studies (summary).

G. Duration of the public comment period.

H. Identification of existing applicable environmental documents, if any.

I. A determination of specific critical areas that are or are not affected by the proposed development.

J. City staff contact information.

K. Date, time, and place of the public hearing for the permit if a public hearing is required and the date of the hearing has been set at the time of the notice of application.

L. A statement that, barring excluded periods, the decision on the application is anticipated within 120 days of the determination of completeness.

M. Other information as the director deems necessary. (Ord. 1505 § 5, 2015).

14.50.020 Notice of public hearing.

Notice of any required public hearing shall be issued a minimum of 15 days, but no more than 30 days, prior to the public hearing. The notice of the public hearing shall include the following information:

A. Name of applicant(s);

B. A general description of the proposed project;

C. The development approvals required for the project;

D. The actions or decisions recommended, if known;

E. A description of the property, including the address of the property if one is available;

F. A vicinity map or sketch if determined useful by the director;

G. The time, date and place of the public hearing;

H. A statement that anyone wishing to appear and testify at the public hearing may do so;

I. A statement that if, for any reason, the hearing cannot be commenced or completed on the date specified, the hearing may be continued to a date, place and time certain without further notice under this section; and

J. The contact person or place where further information may be obtained. (Ord. 1505 § 5, 2015).

14.50.030 Method of publication.

All required notices, except notices of decision which are governed by BLMC 14.50.050, shall be:

A. Mailed to all owners of property within 300 feet of any portion of the proposed action according to the current county assessor’s records, exclusive of public rights-of-way, of the property that is the subject of the application, including any property that is contiguous and under the same or common ownership and control.

B. Mailed or emailed to any person who has made a written request to receive such notice.

C. Mailed or emailed to the jurisdiction or government agency that might have an interest in or be affected by a proposed action, as determined by the director.

D. Posted at the justice and municipal center, post office, Bonney Lake library, and Bonney Lake website.

E. Posted on the subject property with a sign(s) consistent with the following requirements:

1. One public notice sign shall be required per street frontage. In case of large parcels or street frontages exceeding 500 feet, the director may require the posting of additional signs.

2. Signs shall be located on the site of the proposed action, set back at least 10 feet from a public right-of-way or private road or easement as applicable, and shall be situated to maximize readability by the public from public rights-of-way. A sign may be located within the 10-foot setback, if determined necessary by the director to provide adequate visibility.

3. Signage shall be a minimum of two and one-half feet by one and one-half feet for Type 2A and 3A permits and shall contain the following:

a. The heading “Proposed Land Use Development Action” in one-and-a-quarter-inch blue lettering;

b. Contact information for the city in one-half-inch blue capital letters;

c. An area for a eight-and-one-half-inch by 11-inch placards for specific public notifications; and

d. The city logo.

4. Signage shall be a minimum of two feet by four feet for Type 2B, 3B, and 4 permits and shall include the following:

a. The heading “Proposed” followed by the general type of the development in two-inch blue capital letter;

b. The description of the proposed action in one-inch blue capital letters;

c. An area to post an 11-inch by 17-inch site plan;

d. Area for two eight-and-one-half-inch by eleven-inch placards for specific public notifications;

e. Contact information for the city in one-half-inch blue capital letters; and

f. The city logo.

F. The director(s) may publicize a given permit proposal more broadly or by additional means than stated herein if a greater level of public awareness is deemed necessary. (Ord. 1600 § 3, 2018; Ord. 1505 § 5, 2015).

14.50.040 Comment period.

If a public comment period is required, the comment period shall be at least 15 calendar days except in the following cases when a longer comment period is required:

A. For applications or proposals subject to the shoreline master program, a 30-day public comment period shall be provided prior to any public hearing or taking any final action on the application or proposal.

B. Notices of scoping associated with a determination of significance under the State Environmental Policy Act shall be followed by a minimum of a 21-day comment period; provided, that the longer comment period shall not apply if the scoping notice is included with the notice of application issued pursuant to BLMC 14.50.010.

C. Notice of availability of a draft environmental impact statement shall be followed by a 30-day comment period; provided, that the director can extend the comment period for an additional 15 days if a request for an extension has been submitted to the city prior to the end of the initial 30-day comment period. (Ord. 1505 § 5, 2015).

14.50.050 Notice of decision.

A. If a written notice of decision is required, the city shall provide a written notice of decision within 120 days as calculated pursuant to BLMC 14.10.070 that shall include:

1. A list of all project permits included in the decision, including all permits being reviewed through the consolidated permit review process;

2. The date of the public hearing, if applicable;

3. The date and description of the decision;

4. A statement of any threshold determination made under SEPA (Chapter 43.21C RCW), if applicable;

5. The procedures for administrative appeal, if any;

6. A statement that the affected property owners may request a change in property tax valuation notwithstanding any program of revaluation by contacting the Pierce County assessor-treasurer;

7. The duration of permit approval and a statement summarizing the permit expiration and extension procedures provided in BLMC 14.10.100;

8. A statement that the complete project permit file, including findings, conclusions and conditions of approval, if any, is available for review. The notice shall list the place the file is available and the name and telephone number of the city representative to contact about reviewing the file.

B. Required written notices of decision shall be:

1. Mailed to the applicant, the county assessor, and anyone who, prior to the decision, requested notice of the decision or submitted substantive comments on the application or was otherwise a party of record;

2. Posted on the development site on the same sign(s) on which was posted the previous notice(s); and

3. Posted at City Hall, the public library, post office, and on the city’s website. (Ord. 1505 § 5, 2015).