Chapter 16.62


16.62.010    Permit required.

16.62.020    Clearing permits.

16.62.030    Decision criteria.

16.62.010 Permit required.

A clearing permit is required for the removal of vegetation, excepted as provided below:

A. The area cleared is four-tenths of an acre or less and is not located within an undevelopable critical area, Class 2 landslide hazard area and associated buffer, or the shoreline jurisdiction.

B. A separate clearing permit is not required if a tree removal permit is also required. (Ord. 1635 § 7, 2020).

16.62.020 Clearing permits.

In order to apply for a clearing permit the following information shall be submitted to the city:

A. Clearing permit application form.

B. Application fee as determined in BLMC 3.68.050.

C. A project narrative that shall include:

1. A time schedule for land clearing activities;

2. An explanation of the erosion control measures that will be implemented; and

3. An explanation of how trees to be retained will be protected during clearing and construction.

D. A site plan with a date and north arrow drawn at a minimum scale of one inch equals 20 feet displaying the following information below, as required to accurately reflect the proposed project:

1. Property boundary lines, existing lots, tracts, utility or access easements and streets;

2. Existing and proposed improvements including structures, driveways, utilities, and storm drainage facilities;

3. Location of all exceptional, significant, and heritage trees with notes as to their species and size; and

4. All natural features including topography (two-foot intervals), wetlands, steep slopes, streams, bodies of water, etc.

E. Identification of best management practices and measures that will be employed to prevent erosion. (Ord. 1635 § 7, 2020).

16.62.030 Decision criteria.

Approval of a clearing permit will be based on compliance with the applicable standards of the critical areas code, shoreline code and Chapter 15.13 BLMC, Stormwater Management, and Chapter 16.68 BLMC, Landscaping. (Ord. 1635 § 7, 2020).