Chapter 2.32






(a)    The City of Bremerton supports expanding experiences with the arts through public art to enhance the quality of life for its citizens. Public art has enabled people in all societies to understand more clearly their communities and individual lives. Artists creating art for public places benefits the community and enhances the City’s standing as a center for artists.

A policy is therefore established to direct the inclusion of works of art in public places ("public art") in the City through a program to be known as "one (1) percent for arts program" funded through a one (1) percent for arts fund as set forth in Chapter 3.12 BMC.

In administering the arts program, it is the City’s desire to:

(1)    Enhance and enrich the City’s physical environment and public spaces.

(2)    Consider opportunities to celebrate the multicultural and diverse character of Bremerton.

(3)    Contribute a sense of ownership and pride in spaces and public facilities to Bremerton citizens. (Ord. 5270 §2 (part), 2015: Ord. 4940 §1 (part), 2005)


(a)    Membership. The Arts Commission shall consist of seven members. Members shall include but not be restricted to representatives of: painters, sculptors, music, literature, architects, and landscape architects. Appointment to the Arts Commission shall be made by the Mayor subject to confirmation by the City Council.

(b)    Terms. Terms of office shall consist of four (4) year staggered terms with the initial terms consisting of two (2) members with four (4) year terms, two (2) members with three (3) year terms, two (2) members with two (2) year terms and one (1) member with a one (1) year term.

(c)    Compensation. Commissioners shall serve without compensation.

(d)    Conflict of Interest. No City official or employee may be a member of the Arts Commission, nor may any citizen having a conflict of interest be a member of the Arts Commission. No Commission member may submit work for consideration during his/her term of office. As soon as a conflict of interest becomes apparent, the commission member shall disclose to each of the members voting on the matter the nature of his/her interest in the issue and shall be disqualified from participating in any debate, decision or vote relating to that issue.

(e)    Administrative Support. Administrative support will be provided to the Arts Commission by City staff as assigned by the Mayor.

(f)    Maintenance. The Arts Commission shall oversee the conservation and maintenance of any public art and shall prepare reports as requested for submittal to the City Council on the condition and maintenance requirements of all public art.

(g)    Community Outreach. The Arts Commission shall support citizen forums and workshops, gather information and/or assist in education/informing the public about public art and the City’s public art collection.

(h)    Rules and Procedures. The Arts Commission shall establish rules and procedures it deems necessary and appropriate to administer and implement the one (1) percent for arts program. These rules and procedures may address the following:

(1)    Methods for selection of artists and art for public art projects;

(2)    Incentives for the inclusion of art in private projects;

(3)    Artists’ rights and responsibilities relative to public art;

(4)    Maintenance and preservation of public art;

(5)    Decommissioning and removal of public art;

(6)    Public education and community outreach;

(7)    Private funding and gifts for public art. (Ord. 5270 §2 (part), 2015: Ord. 4940 §1 (part), 2005)


(a)    Planning. Artists may be selected to assist in the evaluation of options, strategies, limitations, opportunities for art, and aesthetic design in capital projects before the scope, quality, schedule, and budget are fixed.

(b)    Site-Specific Work. Artists may be selected to design artwork for a specific location.

(c)    Individual Works of Art. Artists may be commissioned to create a work of art or existing works of art may be acquired. (Ord. 5270 §2 (part), 2015: Ord. 4940 §1 (part), 2005)