Chapter 7.06



7.06.020    CHICKEN LICENSE.



Chickens may be kept within the City limits of Bremerton, provided:

(a)    No more than five (5) hens, including chickens and chicks, may be kept per single-family residential lot pursuant to subsection (m) of this section. In no event shall the five (5) allowed hens, including chickens or chicks, count toward the accumulative total of four (4) household pets pursuant to BMC 7.08.010.

(b)    No roosters are allowed.

(c)    Chickens, except for chicks, shall not be kept inside any permitted dwelling.

(d)    Henhouses, coops and chicken tractors must be set back at least three (3) feet from all property lines.

(e)    Henhouses, coops and chicken tractors shall provide for adequate shelter and be kept clean and maintained so that dust, manure and odors are not detectable beyond any property line.

(f)    Henhouses, coops and chicken tractors including chicken runs shall not exceed two hundred (200) square feet in size and shall not exceed seven (7) feet in height at the structure’s highest point.

(g)    Henhouses and coops shall provide at least six (6) square feet of space per chicken.

(h)    Chicken tractors shall provide at least four (4) square feet of space per chicken.

(i)    Henhouses, coops and chicken tractors shall be restricted to the backyard area of a single-family residential lot.

(j)    Henhouses, coops and chicken tractors shall be set back from any body of water in compliance with the City of Bremerton’s shoreline master plan and critical areas ordinance as each are currently enacted or hereinafter amended.

(k)    Henhouses, coops and chicken tractors shall be set back one hundred (100) feet from any public or private well.

(l)    Chickens shall not be allowed to run at large and shall be enclosed within a henhouse, coop or chicken tractor at all times.

(m)    Chickens shall be allowed only on single-family residential lots containing a maximum of one (1) residence.

(n)    Chicken manure shall be managed so as not to create a nuisance or be in violation of Chapter 6.02 BMC as currently enacted or hereinafter amended.

(o)    Chickens shall not be slaughtered.

(p)    All chicken feed or food set aside for chickens shall be stored in rodent-proof containers and feeders.

(q)    All structures used to house or care for chickens, including henhouses, coops and chicken tractors, shall be rodent-proof.

(r)    Any rodent activity in the vicinity of any chicken structure or enclosure shall require the licensed owner of the chickens to eradicate the rodents in compliance with local, state and federal laws. (Ord. 5185 §1 (part), 2012: Ord. 5154 §5, 2011: Ord. 5126 §2 (part), 2010).


(a)    Annual License. A single license to keep up to five (5) chickens per single-family residential lot shall be obtained annually by the owner or within thirty (30) calendar days from the date the owner acquires the chicken(s) or brings chickens into the City of Bremerton.

(b)    License Expiration. A chicken license shall expire one (1) year from the date of issuance.

(c)    Chicken License Fee. License fees are set pursuant to BMC 3.01.010.

(d)    Additional License Fee. Licenses not renewed by the designated renewal date shall be assessed an additional license fee of ten dollars ($10.00); provided, there shall be no additional license fee where:

(1)    The applicant has owned the chicken(s) for less than thirty (30) calendar days; or

(2)    The applicant has resided in the City for less than thirty (30) calendar days; or

(3)    At the discretion of the City Clerk, amnesty may be granted to all residents for an announced period of time not to exceed ninety (90) days in duration, and no more frequently than once per calendar year.

(e)    Exemptions from License Fees. The following are exempt from license fees:

(1)    Chickens in the temporary custody of a veterinarian or animal welfare organization whose owners are unknown; or

(2)    Chickens owned, and available for retail sale, by the owner or operator of a licensed commercial pet facility. (Ord. 5185 §1 (part), 2012: Ord. 5126 §2 (part), 2010).


(a)    Issuance of Licenses. The City Treasurer, animal control authority, or the authorized agents thereof shall issue licenses pursuant to BMC 7.06.020, as specified in this section.

(b)    Contents of License. The license shall contain the following:

(1)    Date of issuance and date of expiration;

(2)    A serial number;

(3)    The name, address, and telephone number of the owner of the chicken(s).

(c)    Transferability of Licenses. Licenses are not transferable from one chicken owner to another. (Ord. 5185 §1 (part), 2012: Ord. 5126 §2 (part), 2010).