Chapter 3.28


3.28.010    Established.

3.28.020    Deposit of funds.

3.28.030    Use of funds.

3.28.010 Established.

There is established in the office of the town clerk-treasurer a new fund to be hereafter known as the “arterial street fund”. (Ord. 233 § 1, 1961)

3.28.020 Deposit of funds.

All moneys received by the town pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 7, Extraordinary Session of the Laws of the State of Washington, of the year of 1961, shall be deposited in the arterial street fund by the town clerk-treasurer. (Ord. 233 § 2, 1961)

3.28.030 Use of funds.

The arterial street fund shall be used exclusively for the construction, improvement and repair of arterial streets, as that term is defined in RCW 46.04.030 and RCW 46.04.120, and for the maintenance of city streets as approved by the Department of Transportation, State Aid Engineer, and for the payment of any municipal indebtedness incurred in the construction, improvement and repair of arterial streets. (Ord. 522 § 1, 1991: Ord. 233 § 3, 1961)