Chapter 8.08


8.08.010    System established.

8.08.020    Supervision.

8.08.030    Garbage disposal fund—Established—Function.

8.08.040    Use of system and containers required.

8.08.050    General provisions, standards and containers.

8.08.060    Frequency of collection.

8.08.070    Rates and charges—Owner responsibility—Requests for changes in service.

8.08.080    Additional charges for noncompliance.

8.08.090    Private collection or hauling—Permit requirements.

8.08.100    Unlawful acts designated.

8.08.120    Violation—Penalty.

8.08.010 System established.

A garbage collection and disposal system for the city is established, which shall be maintained and operated as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 131 § 1, 1946)

8.08.020 Supervision.

The collection and disposal of garbage within the city shall be performed by and under the direction of the officials and employees of such city. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 131 § 2, 1946)

8.08.030 Garbage disposal fund—Established—Function.

There is established a “garbage disposal fund” of the city. All moneys received by the city for the collection and disposal of garbage shall be placed in such fund, and the expense of such garbage collection and disposal shall be paid therefrom; and the city council may also provide for additional revenues to be paid into such fund from time to time. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 131 § 3, 1946)

8.08.040 Use of system and containers required.

Every owner or occupant of premises within the city is required to use the garbage collection and disposal system provided by the city and shall deposit or cause to be deposited all garbage of such a nature that is perishable or may decompose or be scattered by wind or otherwise which may accumulate on any premises owned or occupied by him in covered plastic containers provided by the city or its contractor; and all garbage which may accumulate on such premises shall be placed in the provided container and not on the street or alley adjacent to such premises in a position convenient for loading onto trucks or vehicles used for the collection and disposal of garbage. (Ord. 954 §1, 2023; Ord. 306 § 2, 1971)

8.08.050 General provisions, standards and containers.

A. The city may contract through separate ordinance with an independent contractor for the purpose of providing garbage collection services to the city. Such separate contractor shall be referred to herein as the city contract collector. The terms of the contract between the city and city contractor collector and the ordinance adopting the same shall be controlling in the event of any conflict between those terms and the terms set forth in this chapter.

B. Every person in possession, charge or control of any developed and occupied premises shall be subject to mandatory garbage collection performed by the city’s independent garbage collection contractor and shall maintain and use containers of a size, type, and construction approved by the city, sufficient to contain all garbage produced and accumulated upon the premises and all garbage shall be deposited therein.

C. Standard size containers shall be those approved by the city that have a ninety-five-gallon capacity with a maximum filled weight limit of one hundred thirty pounds.

D. The city contract garbage collector may contract with customers to furnish containers approved by the city to customers as the disposal needs of the customers may require and at the rates established by city resolution.

E. All garbage containers shall be maintained with the lids on except when opened to place garbage in the containers and the lids to those containers shall be replaced by the persons removing the lids. All large bulk storage containers kept outside must be maintained and stored in accordance with the requirements and approval of the public works director. All such containers shall be kept in a neat and sanitary condition. All wet garbage shall be securely wrapped in suitable material prior to deposit in containers. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 929 § 1, 2020; Ord. 734 § 1, 2002: Ord. 705 § 1, 2000; Ord. 306 § 3, 1971)

8.08.060 Frequency of collection.

Collection and disposal of garbage from all premises within the city on which a residence is located shall be made at least once each week; and collection of garbage from places of business and other institutions shall be made as frequently as is necessary or advisable in order to keep any of such premises in a clean and sanitary condition; provided, that the city superintendent shall determine the frequency of such collections, subject to review and revision by the city council. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 306 § 4, 1971)

8.08.070 Rates and charges—Owner responsibility—Requests for changes in service.

A. The city council shall annually, or more often if necessary, by resolution, establish garbage service rates for residential and commercial collection services and for the monthly rental rates for garbage receptacles. Bills for garbage collection shall be sent monthly on the same day as the city water and sewer service billings, and shall become delinquent if unpaid by the date the water and sewer service billing is due. Delinquent accounts shall be assessed the same monetary penalty as set forth in Section 13.04.065(B). In addition, upon failure to pay the charges when due, the amount of the payments due plus penalties shall become a lien against the property served enforceable as provided in RCW 35.21.140 as the same exists now or may hereafter be amended.

B. The payment of charges specified under subsection A of this section shall be the responsibility of the owner of the property for which garbage collection services have been requested and monthly bills shall be sent to the owner’s address. It shall be the responsibility of the owner to notify the city of any address changes.

C. Except for garbage service customers that are permanently vacating a residence or commercial establishment, requests for discontinuance of garbage service shall, subject to the notice requirements set forth herein, only be allowed in monthly increments. The customer shall notify the city clerk of the requested change, at least three working days prior to the beginning of the month for which the discontinuance is requested. The change shall take effect as of the first day of the following month. For example, a customer requesting temporary garbage service discontinuance of one week may not do so. However, after proper notice, the customer may request temporary garbage service discontinuance for one or additional months. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 640 § 1, 1996: Ord. 578 § 1, 1994: Ord. 333 § 2, 1974: Ord. 306 § 5, 1971)

8.08.080 Additional charges for noncompliance.

In case any owner or occupant of premises within the city permits garbage to accumulate thereon, and fails or refuses to deposit such garbage in the provided containers in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, or fails to place the container at or near but not on the alley or street adjacent to such premises in a position convenient for loading, the city, at the discretion of the city superintendent, may collect and remove such garbage and, in such case, the entire expense of the collection and removal thereof shall be charged against such premises and against the owner or occupant thereof in addition to the regular charge for collection and disposal of such garbage. In the alternative, the city may issue notices for littering when garbage accumulates outside of the provided container. If the accumulation of litter and garbage outside the provided container is observed again within thirty days following the date of the notice from the city, the property owner (or occupant if it is a rental property), shall be subject to the monetary civil infraction penalty set forth in Section 8.08.120. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 306 § 6, 1971)

8.08.090 Private collection or hauling—Permit requirements.

It is unlawful for anyone except city employees or authorized garbage collectors to collect, remove or transport garbage, offal or any other offensive or noxious substances or to operate any vehicle for such purpose through the streets, highways or other ways, within the city, without first having obtained a permit from the city clerk-treasurer. Such permit shall be numbered and be valid for one year, unless sooner revoked by the city health authority. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 306 § 7, 1971)

8.08.100 Unlawful acts designated.

It is unlawful for any person to dump or deposit any garbage upon any street, alley or private property in the city, or to burn the same other than in a furnace or stove normally used for heating or cooking purposes, or to collect, remove or dispose of the same except as provided in this chapter. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 306 § 8, 1971)

8.08.120 Violation—Penalty.

Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be guilty of a civil infraction and shall be subject to a monetary penalty of five hundred dollars. Each day the violation continues following issuance of the civil infraction shall constitute a new violation for the purposes of this section. (Ord. 954 § 1, 2023; Ord. 578 § 2, 1994: Ord. 306 § 10, 1971)