Chapter 15.28


15.28.010    International Mechanical Code adopted.

15.28.020    Enforcement.

15.28.025    Board of appeals.

15.28.030    Appeal.

15.28.040    Violation—Penalty.

*    Prior ordinance history: Ord. 433.

15.28.010 International Mechanical Code adopted.

Except as provided in RCW 19.27.031, the current edition of the International Mechanical Code, including all appendices, as published by the International Code Council, Inc., and including all additions, deletions, and exceptions as set forth in WAC Title 51, as the same now exists or may be hereafter amended, is hereby adopted by this reference and incorporated herein as if fully set forth as the mechanical code for the city of Brewster, except such portions as may be deleted, modified, or amended by ordinance. (Ord. 754 § 12, 2004: Ord. 673 § 14, 1998: Ord. 614 § 4 (part), 1995)

15.28.020 Enforcement.

The building official charged with enforcement of the International Mechanical Code shall be the city superintendent or his/her designee. (Ord. 754 § 13, 2004: Ord. 614 § 4 (part), 1995)

15.28.025 Board of appeals.

The members of the planning agency, as established pursuant to Chapter 2.33 of the Brewster Municipal Code, shall become ex officio members of the board of appeals and shall hear and decide appeals from the decisions of the building official pursuant to the International Mechanical Code. (Ord. 926 § 1 (part), 2020; Ord. 754 § 14, 2004: Ord. 673 § 15, 1998)

15.28.030 Appeal.

A. Whenever the building official disapproves an application or refuses to grant a permit applied for, or when it is claimed that the provisions of the mechanical code do not apply, or that the true intent and meaning of the mechanical code have been misconstrued or wrongfully interpreted, the applicant may appeal from the decision of the building inspector to the board of appeals within fourteen calendar days from the issuance of the building official’s decision pursuant to Chapter 19.06 of this code, as now exists or as may be hereafter amended.

B. Appeals from the board of appeals’ decisions shall be made pursuant to Section 19.06.060 of this code and RCW 36.70C, as now exist or as may be hereafter amended, by filing a land use petition with the Okanogan County Superior Court within twenty-one days of issuance of the decision. (Ord. 673 § 16, 1998: Ord. 614 § 4 (part), 1995)

15.28.040 Violation—Penalty.

A. Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this chapter, including the provisions of the codes and Washington Administrative Code adopted by reference in this chapter, or who shall fail to comply with any order made thereunder, or who shall build in violation of any detailed statement of specifications or plans submitted and approved thereunder, and from which no appeal has been taken, or who shall fail to comply with such order as affirmed or modified by the board of appeals, or by a court of competent jurisdiction, within the time fixed by the provisions of this chapter, shall severally and for each such violation and noncompliance, respectively, be guilty of a misdemeanor. The imposition of one penalty for any violation shall not excuse the violation or permit it to continue. When not otherwise specified, each ten days that prohibited conditions are maintained shall constitute a separate misdemeanor offense.

B. The instigation of misdemeanor proceedings in accordance with subsection A of this section shall not prevent the city from exercising all available civil remedies to force removal of prohibited conditions. (Ord. 754 § 15, 2004: Ord. 614 § 4 (part), 1995)