Chapter 15.24


15.24.010    Purpose and application.

15.24.020    Rules and regulations.

15.24.030    Civil infraction.

15.24.010 Purpose and application.

The purpose for adopting the Angle Mobile Home Park rules and regulations as set forth in this chapter is to provide a framework and a set of rules and regulations under which the city can govern, operate and control, in the interests of public health, safety and welfare, the Angle Mobile Home Park. (Ord. 726 § 1 (part), 2001)

15.24.020 Rules and regulations.

A. The rules and regulations set forth in this chapter are applicable to all tenants renting or leasing lots or spaces in the Angle Mobile Home Park. Specific written leases with specific tenants may contain terms of tenancy in addition to these rules and regulations.

B. The following rules shall apply in the Angle Mobile Home Park:

1. Except as permitted herein, all tenants shall execute written annual one year mobile home lot rental agreements in a form approved by the city council. Tenants who desire to occupy an Angle Mobile Home Park lot for other than a term of one year may request a written rental agreement on a month-to-month basis, but must waive, in writing, the right to such one-year term. Tenants refusing to execute a written rental agreement shall be in violation of this rule and subject to eviction by the city pursuant to RCW 59.20.080 as it now exists or as may be hereafter amended.

2. Rent is due on the first of each month, if the payment is not received by the tenth of the month a dollar per day will be added for each day it is late.

3. Speed limit in driveway: ten miles per hour.

4. All driveways leading in or out of this court are private driveways for the benefit of the tenants.

5. Motor bikes and motorcycles operated by unlicensed drivers are expressly forbidden without the consent of the management.

6. Tampering with water, sewer or electric connections is prohibited.

7. Heat tape or adequate insulation shall be installed by the tenants and maintained in working condition during freezing weather. The cost for repair of any damage resulting from noncompliance with this rule shall be assessed to the tenant.

8. Trailer park space numbers will be placed in a visible place on all units.

9. Children shall not play in the street areas located within the mobile home park. Children shall not play in the space of other tenants without the specific permission of the tenant. Parents shall be financially responsible for any damage done by their children to private or public property.

10. Tenants shall comply with the city’s garbage pickup schedule and policy as it now exists or may be hereafter amended, and shall place garbage collection containers in the designated pickup spot for their space for disposal on Wednesday mornings. Containers shall be removed from the street or alley before dusk on Wednesday evenings.

11. The storing of hazardous waste or chemicals shall not be permitted in the mobile home park.

12. No yard sales will be held without written consent of the management.

13. Dogs will be allowed in compliance with the following provisions:

a. Dog owners must comply with Title 6 Brewster Municipal Code, particularly Chapters 6.04, 6.08 and 6.10. A copy of those code provisions may be obtained at City Hall.

b. All dogs in Angle Trailer Park must be kept in an enclosed area consisting of either an approved fence or kennel due to limited space and proximity to adjoining residences. Prior written approval of any such fence or kennel enclosure must be obtained from the city building inspector.

14. Each tenant is responsible for keeping his own yard clean, mowed and watered. If the management has to assume responsibility, actual costs will be added to the rent each month.

15. Stereos and televisions shall not be played in a loud manner. No loud noises of any kind after ten p.m.

16. Garbage must be put into garbage containers.

17. All trailers must have skirting around trailer within thirty days of moving trailer into trailer park.

18. Fences (approved by the landlord) must be maintained in good condition and clotheslines must be put in a discrete location not visible to the streets and maintained in good working condition.

19. All rent and utility bills will be cleared before the trailer is moved.

20. Coaches and connections shall meet state housing regulations.

21. Decks, porches or storage buildings must be preapproved by the management and shall not exceed one hundred twenty square feet in size. All exterior materials shall be new and match existing structures as closely as possible.

22. Vehicles. Any vehicles that do not run will not be allowed in the trailer park. No major vehicle repair will be allowed. There will be a maximum of two vehicles per residence. No parking is allowed on the lawn beside the trailers. For additional parking contact the management.

23. No permanent plantings, such as trees, bushes or shrubs, are allowed without consent of the management.

24. Tenants are responsible for keeping their residences, attachments, and exterior buildings in good repair and aesthetic condition. This includes discrepancies such as peeling paint, weather damage, broken windows, etc. Monthly inspections are conducted by the management to ascertain compliance.

25. Tenants who do not abide by the above rules and regulations will be given a thirty-day notice to vacate. (Ord. 817 § 1, 2009; Ord. 726 § 1 (part), 2001)

15.24.030 Civil infraction.

Any individual violating the rules and regulations for the Angle Mobile Home Park set forth in this chapter shall be guilty of a civil infraction, and upon conviction thereof may be assessed a monetary penalty of up to two hundred fifty dollars for each such civil infraction. The civil infraction penalty provided for herein is not an exclusive penalty and violators of the Angle Mobile Home Park rules and regulations may in addition be subject to criminal prosecution, enforcement of state statutes and enforcement of provisions in the mobile home park leases executed by tenants. (Ord. 726 § 1 (part), 2001)