Chapter 1.01


1.01.010    Code adopted.

1.01.020    Title – Citation – Reference.

1.01.030    Reference applies to amendments.

1.01.040    Codification authority.

1.01.050    Reservation of prosecutions.

1.01.060    Severability.

1.01.010 Code adopted.

The Burien Municipal Code, as compiled from the ordinances of the city of Burien, Washington, and edited and published by Code Publishing Company of Seattle, Washington, is hereby adopted as the official code of the city of Burien, Washington. [Ord. 248 § 1, 1999]

1.01.020 Title – Citation – Reference.

This code shall be known as the “Burien Municipal Code” and it shall be sufficient to refer to said code as the “Burien Municipal Code” in any prosecution for the violation of any provision thereof or in any proceeding at law or equity. It shall also be sufficient to designate any ordinance adding to, amending, correcting or repealing all or any part or portion thereof as an addition to, amendment to, correction of, or repeal of the “Burien Municipal Code.” Further reference may be had to the titles, chapters, sections and subsections of the “Burien Municipal Code” and such reference shall apply to that numbered title, chapter, section or subsection as it appears in that code. [Ord. 248 § 2, 1999]

1.01.030 Reference applies to amendments.

Whenever a reference is made to the “Burien Municipal Code” or to any portion thereof, or to any ordinance of the city of Burien, Washington, that reference shall apply to all amendments, corrections and additions heretofore, now, or hereafter made. [Ord. 248 § 3, 1999]

1.01.040 Codification authority.

This code consists of all of the regulatory and penal ordinances and certain of the administrative ordinances codified pursuant to RCW 35.21.500 through RCW 35.21.570, inclusive. [Ord. 248 § 4, 1999]

1.01.050 Reservation of prosecutions.

The adoption of this code shall not affect any prosecution for violation of ordinances, which violations were committed prior to the effective date of the adoption of the municipal code, nor shall the adoption of the municipal code be construed as a waiver of any license, fee, or penalty due and owing at the effective date of the code adoption, nor shall adoption affect the validity of any bond or cash deposited with the city pursuant to the terms of any ordinance, upon its codification; but rather, all rights and obligations pertaining under ordinances in effect prior to codification shall remain in full force and effect. [Ord. 248 § 5, 1999]

1.01.060 Severability.

Should any section, paragraph, sentence, clause or phrase of this code, or its application to any person or circumstance, be declared unconstitutional or otherwise invalid for any reason, or should any portion of this code be pre-empted by state or federal law or regulation, such decision or pre-emption shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this code or its application to other persons or circumstances. [Ord. 248 § 6, 1999]