Chapter 2.27


2.27.010    Reimbursement.

2.27.020    Eligibility.

2.27.010 Reimbursement.

When the AWC Employee Benefit Trust extends dependent eligibility to employees’ domestic partners and their children, the city will provide benefit coverage to domestic partners and dependent children on the same basis as provided to spouses and dependent children. [Ord. 384 § 1, 2003; Ord. 348 § 1, 2001]

2.27.020 Eligibility.

Eligibility for domestic partnership status will be established by the presentation of either a certificate of state registered domestic partnership issued by the Washington Secretary of State pursuant to Chapter 26.60 RCW or an affidavit of domestic partnership meeting the definition of domestic partner as defined in the city of Burien personnel policies. The affidavit is attached to the ordinance codified in this chapter as Exhibit “A” and is on file in the office of the city clerk. [Ord. 537 § 1, 2010; Ord. 348 § 2, 2001]