Chapter 3.15


3.15.010    Imposition.

3.15.020    Rate.

3.15.030    Exemptions.

3.15.040    Administration and collection.

3.15.050    City and state to contract.

3.15.010 Imposition.

Pursuant to authorization of RCW 82.29A.040, there is imposed a leasehold excise tax on the act or privilege of occupying or using publicly owned real or personal property within the city, through a “leasehold interest” as defined in RCW 82.29A.020. The tax shall be imposed upon and collected from those persons holding such leasehold interests within the city from whom a leasehold excise tax is collected by the State Department of Revenue, pursuant to Chapter 82.29A RCW. [Ord. 8 § 1, 1993]

3.15.020 Rate.

The rate of the tax imposed by BMC 3.15.010 shall be four percent of the taxable rent, as defined by RCW 82.29A.020(2), less any allowable credits pursuant to RCW 82.29A.120. [Ord. 8 § 2, 1993]

3.15.030 Exemptions.

Leasehold interests exempted from leasehold excise taxes by RCW 82.29A.130 and 82.29A.135 shall also be exempt from the tax imposed by BMC 3.15.010. [Ord. 8 § 3, 1993]

3.15.040 Administration and collection.

The administration and collection of the tax imposed by BMC 3.15.010 shall be in accordance with the provisions of RCW 82.29A.080. [Ord. 8 § 4, 1993]

3.15.050 City and state to contract.

The mayor and the city clerk are authorized on behalf of the city to enter into a contract with the State Department of Revenue for the administration of the taxes imposed in this chapter, pursuant to RCW 82.29A.080. A copy of the contract shall be maintained on file in the office of the city clerk and is, by this reference, incorporated in this chapter. [Ord. 8 § 5, 1993]