Chapter 6.15


6.15.100    Rabies control – Adopted by reference.

6.15.100 Rabies control – Adopted by reference.

The following sections of Chapter 11.12 KCC, as now in effect, and as may be subsequently amended, are adopted by reference, except that, unless the context indicates otherwise, the word “county” and the words “King County” shall refer to the city and references to violations of the county code or county ordinances shall be deemed to be references to violations of city ordinances:


    11.12.010 Quarantine order.

    11.12.020 Notice of rabies hazard – Quarantine period.

    11.12.030 Violation of quarantine.

    11.12.040 Euthanizing of infected animals.

    11.12.050 Vaccination order.

    11.12.060 Enforcement.

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