Chapter 7.20


7.20.010    Administrative rules – Hours and operation.

7.20.020    Facility use permits.

7.20.030    Cancellation of facility use permit.

7.20.040    Facilities and outdoor field lights hours.

7.20.050    Cleanup.

7.20.060    Liability.

7.20.070    Adults to accompany minors.

7.20.080    Equipment regulations – Failure to perform.

7.20.090    Facility use – Sale of goods or services.

7.20.100    Adoption of rules and regulations by director.

7.20.010 Administrative rules – Hours and operation.

The director shall publish and post rules establishing the times that parks and park facilities will be open and closed for use by the public. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]

7.20.020 Facility use permits.

Parks and park facilities are available for public use during hours of operation when city programs are not scheduled. Facility use permits or scheduling of use of facilities is required for any community special or private event held in a park facility and is completed by contacting the parks and recreation department office. For purposes of this section, a “community or special event” is any organized assemblage of persons at any park or park facility which is to gather for a common purpose and under the direction and control of a person and either (a) is anticipated to exceed or exceeds 75 people in number, or (b) will require exclusive use of park area or a park facility.

Groups or individuals that desire to use a city park facility may be granted facility use permits by the parks director, and may be charged a fee. Where appropriate, special conditions of use will be established by the parks director and so noted on the facility use permit, such as permission for use of amplifying devices. Charges for special services in the city recreational facilities will be established by the parks director.

Certain events may be required to obtain a special event permit from the city of Burien pursuant to Chapter 12.15 BMC.1 Special event permits that are required for any community special or private event held in whole or in part in a park or park facility shall be reviewed by the parks director prior to issuance. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]

7.20.030 Cancellation of facility use permit.

The parks director reserves the right to cancel a facility use permit for cause or to meet the needs of the department to accommodate programs or other city-related activities as determined in the sole discretion of the parks director. Notice of cancellation shall be given in accordance with rules established by the parks director. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]

7.20.040 Facilities and outdoor field lights hours.

Unless otherwise posted, all parks and park facilities are closed to the public at dusk or no later than 10:00 p.m. unless otherwise approved in the facility use permit or by the parks director. Outdoor lights at park athletic fields shall not be illuminated past 10:30 p.m. unless otherwise approved in the facility use permit or by the parks director. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]

7.20.050 Cleanup.

All persons using a facility must leave the facility in a clean and neat condition considered satisfactory to the parks director. Cleanup guidelines, procedures and a checklist will be established by the parks director to assist compliance. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]

7.20.060 Liability.

(1) Indemnity. Persons using facilities by facility use permit may be required to protect, save and hold the city of Burien, its elected and appointed officials and employees, harmless from and against all claims, demands and causes of action of any kind or character, including the cost of defense thereof, arising out of the use of facilities.

(2) Liability Insurance. During all periods of use, persons using facilities by facility use permit shall, except when a waiver is obtained from the parks director, obtain and maintain public liability insurance acceptable to the city and/or other insurance necessary to protect the public and the city on the premises to be used, with limits of liability not less than those limits as established by the city. Persons shall provide a certificate of insurance or, upon written request of the city, a duplicate of the policy, as evidence of the insurance protection provided. This insurance shall not be canceled or reduced without prior written notice to the city at least 20 days in advance of the cancellation. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]

7.20.070 Adults to accompany minors.

When facilities are used pursuant to a facility use permit or special events permit, and children under the age of 18 are present, adults must be present and supervise them at all times. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]

7.20.080 Equipment regulations – Failure to perform.

The misuse of a park facility or the failure to conform with park regulations, the instructions of city employees, or the conditions of a permit will be sufficient reason to terminate an event or eject a person from a park or park facility. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]

7.20.090 Facility use – Sale of goods or services.

The use of park facilities for financial gain shall be allowed only through concession contracts secured by the city’s competitive bid process and a negotiated concession contract, or by facility use permit issued by the department or pursuant to special events permit. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]

7.20.100 Adoption of rules and regulations by director.

The parks director shall have the authority to develop and adopt reasonable rules and regulations essential to the safe and efficient operation, management and use of the parks, and shall post them in conspicuous places in the parks. [Ord. 475 § 2, 2007]


Code reviser’s note: Chapter 12.15 BMC was repealed by Ord. 395. Special event permits are covered in Chapter 12.18 BMC and the city will be enacting new temporary use permit provisions in the near future.