Chapter 8.05


8.05.010    Health and sanitation authority – Appointment.

8.05.020    Definitions – Adopted by reference.

8.05.030    Enforcement – Penalty.

8.05.010 Health and sanitation authority – Appointment.

Pursuant to interlocal agreement, King County and the Seattle-King County department of public health are designated as agent for the city with full authority to make inspections and to enforce all licenses, permits and standards adopted by this title, and to collect such filing fees, user fees and other fees, including handling fees, as are normally imposed by King County. [Ord. 22 § 1, 1993]

8.05.020 Definitions – Adopted by reference.

The following sections of Chapter 8.04 KCC, as now in effect, and as may be subsequently amended, are adopted by reference:


8.04.010    Application in interpretation.

8.04.020    Bakery.

8.04.030    Restaurant or kitchen.

8.04.040    Confectionery.

8.04.050    Candy – Kitchen.

8.04.060    Basement.

8.04.070    Cellar.

8.04.080    Person – Singular words – Masculine words.

8.04.090    County health officer.

8.04.100    Standard disinfectal solution and standard disinfectant.

8.04.110    Garbage.

[Ord. 22 § 2, 1993]

8.05.030 Enforcement – Penalty.

The director of the Seattle-King County department of public health, the director of the King County department of public health, and city personnel occupying similar positions and authorities are authorized to enforce the provisions of this title, and any rules and regulations promulgated hereunder, and any applicable United States statutes, and any person violating any provision of this title shall, upon conviction, be guilty of a gross misdemeanor. [Ord. 561 § 2 (Exh. A), 2012; Ord. 22 § 17, 1993]