Chapter 9.115


9.115.100    Miscellaneous crimes – Adopted by reference.

9.115.110    Tobacco purchases by minors.

9.115.100 Miscellaneous crimes – Adopted by reference.

The following sections of RCW Title 9, as now in effect, and as may subsequently be amended are adopted by reference to establish the following miscellaneous crimes under the Burien criminal code:


9.91.010    Denial of civil rights – Terms defined.

9.91.025    Unlawful bus conduct.

9.91.060    Leaving children unattended in parked automobile.

9.91.090    Fraudulent destruction of insured property.

9.91.110    Metal buyers – Records of purchases – Penalty.

9.91.130    Disposal of trash in charity donation receptacle.

[Ord. 63 § 86, 1993]

9.115.110 Tobacco purchases by minors.

The following section of the Revised Code of Washington as now in effect, and as subsequently may be amended, is hereby adopted by reference and reads as follows:

RCW 70.155.080

(1) A person under the age of eighteen who purchases or attempts to purchase, possesses, or obtains or attempts to obtain cigarettes or tobacco products commits a class 3 civil infraction in chapter 7.80 RCW and is subject to a fine as set out in chapter 7.80 RCW or participation in up to four hours of community service, or both. The court may also require participation in a smoking cessation program. This provision does not apply if a person under the age of eighteen, with parental authorization, is participating in a controlled purchase as part of a liquor control board, law enforcement, or local health department activity.

(2) Municipal and district courts within the state have jurisdiction for enforcement of this section.

[Ord. 246 § 1, 1999]