Chapter 9.55


9.55.100    Gambling offenses – Adopted by reference.

9.55.100 Gambling offenses – Adopted by reference.

The following sections of RCW Title 9, as now in effect, and as may subsequently be amended, are adopted by reference to establish crimes relating to gambling under the Burien criminal code:


9.46.193    Cities and towns – Ordinance adopting certain sections of chapter – Jurisdiction of courts.

9.46.195    Obstruction of public servant in administration or enforcement as violation – Penalty.

9.46.196    Defrauding or cheating other participant or operator as violation – Causing another to do so as violation – Penalty.

9.46.198    Working in gambling activity without license as violation – Penalty.

9.46.210    Enforcement – Commission as law enforcement agency.

9.46.230    Seizure and disposition of gambling devises – Owning, buying, selling, etc. gambling devises or records – Penalty.

9.46.235    Slot machines, antique – Defenses concerning – Presumption created.

9.46.240    Gambling information, transmitting or receiving as violation – Penalty.

9.46.250    Gambling property or premises – Common nuisances, abatement – Termination of mortgage, contract or leasehold interests, licenses – Enforcement.

9.46.260    Proof of possession as evidence of knowledge of its character.

[Ord. 63 § 69, 1993]