Chapter 12.45


12.45.010    Complete streets – Policy.

12.45.020    Exceptions.

12.45.010 Complete streets – Policy.

The city of Burien will plan for, design and construct all new transportation projects to provide reasonable and appropriate accommodation for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, and persons of all abilities. All public street projects or public street reconstruction projects in the city shall be in conformity with the city’s transportation master plan. [Ord. 556 § 1, 2011]

12.45.020 Exceptions.

Facilities for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, and/or persons of all abilities are not required to be provided:

(1) Where their establishment would be contrary to public safety;

(2) When the cost would be excessively disproportionate to the need or probable future use;

(3) Where there is no identified need as established in city plans and future travel demand models;

(4) Where the establishment would be inconsistent with the transportation master plan and comprehensive plan; or

(5) Where their inclusion in a small project would create a very short section of improvements with problematic transitions on either end or that are unlikely to be followed by similar improvements at either end resulting in little progress on implementing complete streets networks as set forth in the transportation master plan. [Ord. 556 § 1, 2011]