Chapter 17.05


17.05.010    Declaration of need – Purpose of provisions.

17.05.020    Approval required.

17.05.030    Enforcement.

17.05.010 Declaration of need Purpose of provisions.

(1) The city council of Burien declares and finds that the city of Burien has a need for regulation of new plats and condominiums.

(2) These regulations are intended to serve the following purposes:

(a) To set forth the rules and regulations for the division of real property into subdivisions;

(b) To provide for the proper location and width of streets, building lines, open spaces, safety and recreation facilities, utilities, and drainage;

(c) To provide for the avoidance of congestion of population through requirements of minimum lot width, depth and area and the compatibility of design;

(d) To require and fix the extent to which and the manner in which streets shall be graded and improved, and water, sewer, drainage, and other utility mains and piping or connections of other physical improvements shall be installed; and

(e) To provide for and secure the actual construction of such physical improvements. [Ord. 29 § 1(1), 1993]

17.05.020 Approval required.

It shall be mandatory that all new plats and condominiums and any amendments thereto being processed for approval by the legally constituted approving bodies concerned therewith shall be audited and approved by the office of the assessor. [Ord. 29 § 1(2), 1993]

17.05.030 Enforcement.

The director of the department of community development is authorized to enforce the provisions of this title, the ordinances and resolutions codified in it, and any rules and regulations promulgated thereunder. [Ord. 29 § 1(108), 1993]