Chapter 5.40


5.40.010    Authorization.

5.40.020    Rules and regulations.

5.40.030    Use of the credit card in lieu of purchase orders.

5.40.040    Modification of terms and conditions.

5.40.010 Authorization.

The use of credit cards by Cascade officers and employees in accordance with applicable state law and the policies and procedures set forth herein is authorized. [Res. 2008-09 § 1].

5.40.020 Rules and regulations.

Credit cards are to be used only for authorized travel and other expenses.

A. Credit cards shall be issued as designated by the chief executive officer for the general use of Cascade employees for expenses incident to authorized travel and for other purposes as further authorized herein.

B. As provided in RCW 42.23.115 or as hereafter amended, upon billing or not later than 30 days of the billing date, the officer or employee using a credit card shall submit a fully itemized expense voucher; any charges against the credit card not properly identified on the expense voucher or not allowed following the audit required by RCW 42.24.080 shall be paid by the Cascade officer or employee by check, United States currency, or electronic means, or in a manner approved by the chief executive officer and the payee.

C. If, for any reason, disallowed charges are not repaid before the credit card billing is due and payable, Cascade shall have a prior lien against any right to withhold any and all funds payable or to become payable to the Cascade official or employee up to an amount of the disallowed charges and interest at the same rate as charged by the company that issued the credit card. No Cascade official or employee issued a Cascade credit card shall use such card if any disallowed charges are outstanding and shall surrender the card upon demand of Cascade’s auditing officer.

D. Any credit card issued pursuant to this chapter may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the chief executive officer. Upon Cascade’s delivery of such revocation order to the company issuing such credit card, Cascade shall not be liable for any costs or charges related to such card thereafter. In addition, if not revoked sooner, any Cascade employee issued a credit card shall return such card to Cascade immediately upon termination of employment and any officer shall immediately return any Cascade credit card to Cascade immediately upon vacating the office. [Res. 2009-19 § 6; Res. 2008-09 § 2].

5.40.030 Use of the credit card in lieu of purchase orders.

A. The use of Cascade credit cards for purchases and/or expenditures for services, equipment and other items previously authorized by the Cascade board is hereby authorized and approved.

B. Card holders are authorized to utilize the credit card issued to them to make purchases and/or expenditures as previously authorized by the Cascade board. Other Cascade employees making such purchases and/or expenditures shall obtain a Cascade credit card from the Cascade finance director for the purpose of such purchases and/or expenditures and shall return such credit card to the finance director immediately following its use. Any employee using a Cascade credit card shall provide to the finance director a fully itemized receipt for any authorized credit card usage no later than the next business day following such use. [Res. 2008-09 § 3].

5.40.040 Modification of terms and conditions.

Cascade reserves the right to modify, revise and supersede the terms and conditions regarding the issuance and use of Cascade credit cards at any time without prior notice to any Cascade officer or employee. [Res. 2008-09 § 4].