Chapter 5.45


5.45.010    Authorization.

5.45.020    Sponsorships less than $1,000.

5.45.030    Sponsorships greater than $1,000.

5.45.010 Authorization.

The sponsorship of events shall be only for the purposes enumerated in the Joint Municipal Utility Services Agreement, and a written sponsorship agreement shall be required. [Res. 2012-07 § 43; Res. 2009-02 § 1].

5.45.020 Sponsorships less than $1,000.

For any event sponsorship of less than $1,000, the chief executive officer is authorized to enter into a sponsorship agreement and to report to the board of directors at its next regular meeting, including the following information:

A. The event organizer and, if known, other sponsors.

B. The proposed amount of sponsorship.

C. Whether the funding is within Cascade’s budget.

D. Which of the purposes of Cascade will be met and how.

E. The adequate consideration received by Cascade in return for the event sponsorship. Consideration may include promotion of Cascade’s purposes through advertisement, publicity, and dissemination of information related to Cascade’s purposes, programs and services.

F. The recommendation of the chief executive officer. [Res. 2009-02 § 2].

5.45.030 Sponsorships greater than $1,000.

For any proposed event sponsorship of $1,000 or greater, for which funding is recommended by the chief executive officer, the chief executive officer shall provide a report as described in CWAC 5.45.020, and the board may authorize the chief executive officer to enter in a sponsorship agreement. [Res. 2009-02 § 3].