5.32.040 Permit—Application—Requirements.

An application to conduct an outdoor public amusement, entertainment or assembly in Clark County outside the limits of incorporated cities and towns shall be made in writing to the Planning Director at least ninety (90) days prior to the proposed event by filing an application and required documents with the planning director. In addition to other items required herein, the application shall be accompanied by an application fee, cash deposit and bond herein required. The application shall be signed by the proprietor or manager of such business, and the property owner.

Any application for a permit shall be passed upon by the planning director after having received the necessary letters of approval from the various departments that will be required to approve various written plans as submitted with the application.

The application shall be accompanied by a completed application form provided by the planning director. The following items shall be submitted with the application:

1.    A completed application form signed by owner(s) of record and event promoter (if applicable). The application form shall be provided by the planning director;

2.    Eight (8) copies of a site plan, drawn to scale, containing the following information:

A.    Applicant’s name, mailing address and telephone number,

B.    Property owner’s name, mailing address and telephone number,

C.    North arrow and graphic scale,

D.    Dimensions of the parcel,

E.    Location(s) of existing building(s),

F.    Location and width of existing and proposed access points,

G.    Existing and proposed outdoor lighting,

H.    Watercourses,

I.    Unstable slopes, as shown on maps produced by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources,

J.    Floodplains, if applicable,

K.    Wetlands, if applicable;

3.    Eight (8) copies of an assessor’s quarter-section map with the site clearly identified;

4.    Eight (8) copies of a Clark County road map with the site clearly identified;

5.    A letter from the Southwest Washington Health District indicating approval of a plan for sanitation facilities to service the event;

6.    A letter from the appropriate agency indicating approval of a plan to supply potable water to the site for the event;

7.    A certified list of names and addresses of all property owners (as shown on the records of the Clark County assessor) within a three hundred (300) foot radius of the property being utilized for the event. The list shall be certified within the ninety (90) day period immediately preceding the date of application;

8.    A narrative describing the proposed event, including nature of the event, anticipated number of attendees, proposed days and hours of operation, methods of controlling ingress and egress to and from the site, and any other measures designed to minimize impacts on surrounding properties;

9.    Noise study and mitigation plan if required by the planning director;

10.    Site restoration and cleanup plan;

11.    Any additional information, such as traffic control and mitigation plans or environmental checklists, which the planning director may require in order to find that the proposed event applied for will not, under the circumstances of the particular case, be significantly detrimental to the health, safety, or general welfare of persons residing or working in the neighborhood of such proposed use or be detrimental or injurious to the property and improvements in the neighborhood or to the general welfare of the county.

In addition, prior to the application submittal, the applicants shall appear at a pre-application conference to explain such written plans. When any type of physical facility is required or subject to approval hereunder, preliminary approval may be granted based upon specific plans proposed and submitted by the applicant. All such facilities shall be in existence on the site five (5) or more days before the event for which an application is submitted and shall be subject to inspection by the approving agencies or departments at their convenience. Should the actual facility or construction fail to meet the standards approved in the proposed plans such preliminary approval may be withdrawn and any and all permits granted subject to such approval may be withdrawn. This chapter shall not alter the requirements of this code for licensing or prohibition of other activities which might occur during such an event. (Sec. 4 of Res. passed March 19, 1970; amended by Sec. 5 of Ord. 1992-08-12)