5.32.045 Public notice—Planning Director staff report.

Public notice for the proposed event shall be given as follows:

a.    Notice of the proposed event shall be sent by mail to all property owners, as shown on the records of the Clark County assessor, within three hundred (300) feet of the subject property. Failure to send notice by mail to such property owners, where the address of such owners is not a matter of public record, shall not invalidate any proceedings in connection with the proposed action.

b.    Notice of the proposed event shall be posted in three (3) conspicuous places on or near the subject property at least ten (10) days prior to the final decision on the application.

The planning director shall distribute copies of the application material to county departments and divisions, and other agencies and associations having an interest in the application, within five (5) days of the receipt of a complete application package. The planning director shall coordinate and assemble the reviews of the various departments, agencies and associations, and shall prepare a report summarizing the factors involved. Such report shall be sent to the applicant(s) and interested parties by mail within thirty (30) days of the receipt of a complete application package.

At the same time, the report shall also be available for inspection by the public, and copies thereof shall be provided to interested persons, who may be required to pay reproduction costs. (Sec. 6 of Ord. 1992-08-12)