5.32.050 Permit—Fee—Bond—Insurance.

The permit fee shall be one hundred dollars ($100) per day for each event, with a minimum fee of three hundred dollars ($300). The fee for permit shall be retained by the county whether a permit is granted, denied or withdrawn, to cover the costs of the investigation necessary by the public body to determine whether or not the permit should be granted. In addition, no permit shall be issued hereunder until the applicant has on deposit with the Clark County treasurer a cash deposit and bond of indemnity to save and protect streets, pavements, bridges, road signs and other property of the county from any and all damage that might be caused by vehicles, employees or participants in such assembly and to be used, if necessary, to restore the ground where such amusement, entertainment or assembly is held to a sanitary condition and pay all charges and losses to the county for damages to the streets, pavements, bridges and other property. Provided, further, that should the licensed event necessitate the deployment of additional county personnel, such added expense shall be recoverable from the principal. The deposit or its balance shall be returned to the applicant when the planning director certifies to the treasurer that no damage has been done and that the county did not incur additional expenses due to said licensed event or that the costs of the above have been paid by the licensee.

The cash deposit and bond of indemnity shall be as follows:

(1)    For gatherings up to ten thousand (10,000) persons, a five thousand dollar ($5,000) cash deposit;

(2)    For gatherings from ten thousand (10,000) persons to twenty thousand (20,000) persons, a seven thousand five hundred dollar ($7,500) cash deposit;

(3)    For gatherings from twenty thousand (20,000) to thirty thousand (30,000) persons, a ten thousand dollar ($10,000) cash deposit;

(4)    For each additional ten thousand (10,000) persons expected the deposit will be increased in increments of two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500).

In addition, the permit applicant shall be required to furnish evidence of liability insurance providing for a minimum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) bodily injury coverage per person; three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) bodily injury coverage per occurrence and one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) property damage coverage, naming Clark County as an additional insured.

In addition, the property owners or owner of the site shall sign on the permit as an additional indemnitor to insure against damage to streets, pavements, bridges, road signs and other properties in the state or county and to insure that the property will be restored to a sanitary condition; such indemnity becoming a lien against the property if the cash deposit and indemnification agreement is not sufficient to meet the costs incurred; in addition, any extraordinary law enforcing costs incurred by the county which are the result of the activity shall be a property charge to be made against the cash deposit or indemnity agreement. (Sec. 5 of Res. passed March 19, 1970; amended by Sec. 8 of Ord. 1992-08-12)