5.32.055 Performance standards.

No land shall be used or occupied by an outdoor public entertainment, amusement or assembly unless there is compliance with the following minimum performance standards:

A.    The generation of noise on the site shall be regulated in such a manner that it shall not interfere with the normal usage of any school, church, residence, or other permanent place of human habitation. Where applicable, proof of violation of the noise level limitations set forth in Washington Administrative Code Chapter 173-60 shall be prima facie evidence of a violation of this section.

B.    Vibration. Any vibration generated by the outdoor public entertainment, amusement or assembly, other than that caused by licensed highway vehicles or aircraft, which is discernible without instruments at the property line of the use concerned, is prohibited.

C.    Glare. Exterior lighting shall be designed to shield surrounding streets and land uses from nuisance and glare. (Sec. 9 of Ord. 1992-08-12)