9.05.255 Parking fee and exemptions.

(1)    The county council may establish a fee to park a vehicle at one (1) or more county park(s), pursuant to Section 9.05.235(1). The fee amount and applicable location(s) will be posted on the county website and at applicable park location(s). The amount of the fee and the applicable location(s) will be established by the county manager.

(2)    Penalties for failure to pay the required vehicle parking fee may be assessed pursuant to Section 9.05.260.

(3)    Individuals that possess a valid Washington State Parks Disabled Veteran Lifetime Pass, and present the same to county park staff on the date of park usage, are exempt from the requirement to pay the vehicle parking fee in subsection (1) of this section. To qualify for the exemption, the individual must present their valid Washington State Parks Disabled Veteran Lifetime Pass to park staff and display the pass in the parked vehicle. Failure to present the valid pass at the time of usage waives the exemption. (Sec. 1 of Ord. 2022-07-10)