40.200.080    Special Setback Lines

A.    Purpose.

    Because of heavy or arterial traffic volume and congestion, existing or probable intensive or commercial development of abutting properties, substandard paving widths, the probability of inadequate sight distances, and other like conditions affecting traffic safety and light, air, and vision along streets, Council finds that public health, safety and welfare require that building setback lines, as hereinafter specified, be and are hereby established on all properties abutting the streets and sections of streets referred to in Section 40.200.080(B). Where applicable, requirements set forth in this provision shall be in addition to the setback requirements specified for the zoning districts. Unless otherwise specified, the distances set forth shall be measured from the centerline and at right angles to the centerline of the right-of-way.

(Amended: Ord. 2019-05-07)

B.    Designation of Streets.

    Development abutting a street for which a standard has been established by the Clark County Arterial Atlas, shall use as the line of reference for establishing the setback distance, the distance from the centerline necessary to accommodate one-half (1/2) of the right-of-way standard established by the arterial plans for the street. The building setback shall be in addition to the special setback and shall be the appropriate setback for that particular district.

C.    Compliance.

    The special setback area shall be treated as additional required setback area. The area shall be reserved for future street widening purposes.

D.    Variance Procedures.

    Where practical difficulties, unnecessary hardships, and results inconsistent with the general purposes of this section may result from the strict application of the provisions of this section, a variance may be granted pursuant to the provisions and procedures set forth in Chapter 40.550.