40.240.200    Agricultural Buildings

A.    The size of proposed agricultural buildings shall not exceed the size needed to serve the current agricultural use and, if applicable, the proposed agricultural use.

B.    To satisfy Section 40.240.200(A), applicants shall submit the following information with their land use application:

1.    A description of the size and characteristics of current agricultural use.

2.    An agricultural plan for any proposed agricultural use that specifies agricultural use (e.g., crops, livestock, products), agricultural areas and acreages (e.g., fields, pastures, enclosures), agricultural structures (e.g., irrigation systems, wind machines, storage bins) and schedules (e.g., plowing, planting, grazing).

3.    A floor plan showing intended uses of the agricultural building (e.g., space for equipment, supplies, agricultural products, livestock).

(Amended: Ord. 2006-05-04)