40.240.660 Review Uses with Additional Approval Criteria – Residential Land

The following uses may be allowed on lands in the GMA zoned Gorge Residential subject to compliance with Sections 40.240.800 through 40.240.900, and Section 40.240.670:

A.    Accredited child care centers on land designated five (5) acre Residential. A child care center may be allowed in Residential zones within an existing church or community building.

B.    Schools within an existing church or community building.

C.    Expansion of existing primary or middle schools on land purchased prior to June 8, 1999. For purposes of this section, “existing schools” means public schools that existed prior to adoption of the original Management Plan on October 15, 1991.

D.    Utility facilities and railroads.

E.    Home occupations pursuant to Section 40.240.240.

F.    Fire stations.

G.    Recreation development, subject to compliance with Section 40.240.890.

H.    Community parks and playgrounds, consistent with the guidelines of the National Park and Recreation Society regarding the need for such facilities.

I.    Bed and breakfast inns in single-family dwellings located on lands designated residential pursuant to Section 40.240.250.

J.    Wineries, in conjunction with on-site viticulture, upon a showing that processing of wine is from grapes grown on the subject farm or in the local region.

K.    Wine sales/tasting rooms in conjunction with an on-site winery. The use shall comply with Section 40.240.240, with the following exceptions:

1.    The use may employ an unlimited number of outside employees.

2.    The wine sales/tasting room may include interior and/or exterior space, provided the combined interior and exterior spaces shall not exceed one thousand (1,000) square feet.

3.    The interior space may be located in an existing building or in a new building or addition to an existing building constructed for the primary purpose of housing the wine sales/tasting room.

4.    The exterior space may be a veranda, patio, or other similar type of structure.

L.    Small-scale fishing support and fish processing operation on parcels that are contiguous with and have direct access to the Columbia River, pursuant to Section 40.240.260.

M.    Special uses in historic buildings, pursuant to Section 40.240.310.

(Amended: Ord. 2006-05-04)