40.250.050    Highway 99 Overlay District

A.    Purpose.

    The Highway 99 overlay district (TC-1) is intended to implement the Highway 99 Sub-Area Plan. It provides for cohesive site planning and design standards to facilitate the transition of this area into a vibrant, transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly community.

B.    Applicability.

    The provisions of this section shall be applied to parcels or groups of parcels located within the geographic area of the Highway 99 Sub-Area Plan shown in Figure 40.250.050-1 and as described in Chapter 2, Regulating Plans, in Appendix F.

Figure 40.250.050-1

C.    Standards.

1.    The standards that shall apply to properties within the Highway 99 overlay district can be found in Appendix F.

2.    Uses and land divisions for the site known as the 78th Street Property (tax lot No. 148084000) are found in the Clark County 78th Street Master Plan, which is adopted by reference. The 78th Street Property is located within the 78th Street Property Master Plan Area and development of the 78th Street Property shall comply with the standards found in Appendix F.

(Amended: Ord. 2008-12-15; Ord. 2009-12-16)