40.250.060    Mill Creek Overlay District

A.    Purpose.

    The Mill Creek overlay district (MC) is intended to implement the Mill Creek Sub-Area Plan. It provides for special provisions to be applied to developments within the overlay district boundary.

B.    Applicability.

    The provisions of this section shall apply to parcels within the geographic area of the Mill Creek Sub-Area Plan shown in Figure 40.250.060-1.

Figure 40.250.060-1

C.    Standards.

The following additional standards apply in the overlay district:

1.    New lots created adjacent to urban subdivision lots existing at the time of the adoption of the Mill Creek Overlay District shall meet or exceed the average lot size of the abutting subdivision lots unless there are at least two hundred (200) feet of open space between the existing and proposed lots.

2.    Prior to approval of any development that would add traffic to NE 37th Avenue, additional access via a public road connection to NE 40th Avenue or NE 174th Street must be assured.

3.    A minimum lot size of nine thousand (9,000) square feet is required for all land divisions in the R1-10 and R1-20 districts proposing to develop under the density transfer provisions of Section 40.220.010(C)(5), or the planned unit development provisions of Section 40.520.080. The exceptions to lot sizes in Section 40.200.050 shall still apply.

(Amended: Ord. 2009-06-16; Ord. 2009-12-01)