40.250.070    Railroad Overlay District (RR)

A.    Purpose.

    The purpose of the railroad overlay district (RR) is to allow the development of land uses that require and can take advantage of rail access.

B.    Uses.

    The uses set out in Table 40.250.070-1 are examples of uses allowable in the railroad overlay district. The appropriate review authority is mandatory.

•    “P” – Uses allowed subject to approval of applicable permits.

•    “C” – Conditional uses which may be permitted, subject to the approval of a Conditional Use Permit as set forth in Section 40.520.030.

•    “X” – Uses specifically prohibited.


Table 40.250.070-1. Uses


Special Standards

Primary Uses



Plastic bottle manufacturing, blow molding






Accessory uses



Office space, not to exceed ten (10) percent of the total gross floor area of on-site buildings



C.    Development Standards.

1.    New lots and structures and additions to structures subject to this section shall comply with the applicable standards for lots, building height, setbacks and building separation in Table 40.250.070-2, subject to the provisions of Chapter 40.200 and Section 40.550.020. Site plan review is required for all new development and modifications to existing permitted development unless expressly exempted by this title (see Section 40.520.040).

Table 40.250.070-2. Lot Setbacks, Lot Coverage and Building Height Requirements

Minimum area for overlay district

One acre

Maximum area for overlay district


Minimum lot area


Minimum lot width


Minimum lot depth


Maximum building height

60 feet for all buildings

Minimum building setback1


Front/street side

20 feet; 50 feet if abutting a residential district

Side (interior)2

10 feet; 50 feet if abutting a residential district


10 feet; 50 feet if abutting a residential district

Maximum lot coverage

50 percent

Minimum landscaped area/type1

20 percent

1 Additional setbacks and/or landscape requirements may apply, particularly abutting residential uses or zones. See Section 40.320.010. All utility or tower facilities shall be set back twenty (20) feet from all property lines, and provide additional landscaping, as required in Table 40.320.010-1. See Section 40.260.250 for requirements for wireless communications facilities.

2 May be zero (0) feet for any side facing tracks.

2.    Signs. Signs shall be permitted according to the provisions of Chapter 40.310.

3.    Off-street parking and loading. Off-street parking and loading shall be provided as required in Chapter 40.340.

4.    Landscaping. Landscaping and buffers shall be provided as required in Table 40.230.080-2 and Chapter 40.320.

D.    Performance Standards.

    No land or structure shall be used or occupied within this district unless there is continuing compliance with the minimum performance standards pursuant to Section 40.230.085(E).

(Amended: Ord. 2010-12-12; Ord. 2012-12-14)