40.250.080    Rural Center Mixed Use Overlay District (RC-MX)

A.    Purpose.

    The rural center mixed use overlay district is intended to provide the opportunity for a limited number of residential lots within rural centers to develop with a mix of retail, service, office, and residential uses. Maintaining the rural character of rural centers is the paramount goal when considering mixed use development.

B.    Applicability.

1.    This section shall apply only to:

a.    Parcels in rural centers with a mixed use overlay designation; and

b.    Applications proposing a mixed use development on such parcels.

2.    Where the requirements of this section conflict with other regulations, the more stringent regulations shall apply.

C.    Uses.

1.    Residential and commercial uses that are permitted or conditional in RC-1, RC-2.5, and CR-2 districts (Tables 40.210.030-1 and 40.210.050-1) are permitted or conditional in this overlay district.

D.    Development Standards.

1.    Mixed use development shall require a residence on the parcel.

2.    A maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the total combined structure floor area may be commercial. This percentage shall be calculated based on the square footage devoted to each type of use.

3.    All ground floor units intended for commercial use shall have a minimum structural ceiling height of ten (10) feet.

4.    Development shall meet the standards of Table 40.210.030-3 for setbacks and Table 40.320.010-1 for landscaping.

5.    Signs. Signs shall be permitted according to the provisions of Chapter 40.310.

6.    Mixed uses on nonconforming lots (size) shall be contained within a single structure.

7.    Open Storage. Open storage is prohibited unless allowed by conditional use. Long-term business vehicle parking within parking lots shall not be construed to be open storage.

8.    Parking and Loading. Off-street parking and loading shall be provided in accordance with Chapter 40.340.

E.    Approval Process.

1.    Site plan review is required pursuant to Section 40.520.040 and Table 40.510.050-1.

2.    Applications shall be processed using a Type II process, unless a conditional use permit is required.

(Added: Ord. 2011-03-09)

    Code reviser’s note: Ordinance 2011-03-09 adds this section as Section 40.250.070. It has been editorially renumbered to avoid duplication of numbering.