40.250.090    Equestrian Overlay

A.    Purpose.

    This overlay is intended to promote equestrian activities, by allowing the development of communities with a focus on equestrian facilities, access to trails, and on sustaining the area’s rich equestrian tradition.

B.    Applicability.

    An equestrian overlay (EQ) may only be established on parcels located outside of the urban growth boundary. Ideally, an equestrian overlay will be located on lands primarily adjacent to or in close proximity to existing and future open space and trail systems, in particular, open space and trails which support equestrian uses; and lands adjacent to or in close proximity to rural centers.

    This overlay will apply to property owners who voluntarily agree to ensure that equestrian activities may continue on their land through the formation of an association with adopted bylaws, conditions, covenants and restrictions and/or easements running with the land.

C.    Uses.

    The following uses are permitted in the overlay:

1.    All uses specifically permitted or conditional in the base zoning district shall continue to be allowed according to the review procedures consistent with the Unified Development Code.

2.    Equines to be housed on a property for the landowner’s private use.

D.    Process.

    Establishing the EQ requires a comprehensive plan map amendment subject to the provisions of Section 40.560.010(D).

E.    Submittal Requirements.

    Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment. In addition to the submittal requirements in Section 40.560.010(D)(3) the following are required:

1.    Location of all equestrian trails and easements related to the equestrian trails;

2.    Location of all land to be dedicated or reserved for shared use with the use indicated;

3.    Include location of equestrian community signs, as well as location of those signs at the entrances of the equestrian area;

4.    Location of any easements or crossings that may cross any right-of-way;

5.    A copy of any bylaws, articles of incorporation of the association, easements, maintenance agreements and any covenants. Prior to recording with the County Auditor, any conditions, covenants and restrictions shall be approved as to form by the Prosecuting Attorney.

6.    An equestrian plan that addresses the following:

a.    Housing and confinement;

b.    Animal husbandry;

c.    Manure management; and

d.    Odor and noise management.

(Added: Ord. 2016-06-12)