40.320.020    Landscaping in Public Rights-of-Way

A.    Applicability.

    The standards in this section apply to landscaping in public rights-of-way.

B.    Acceptable Horticultural Practices.

    Accepted horticultural practices will be followed to ensure successful establishment of the plant materials.

C.    Critical Locations.

1.    Trees with a mature height greater than twenty-five (25) feet shall not be sited under or adjacent to utility lines or overhead structures.

2.    Landscaping used shall not compromise sight distance requirements as defined in Section 40.350.030.

3.    Hard surface, including permeable pavement, may be allowed for a portion of the area to be landscaped per Table 40.350.015-1.

(Amended: Ord. 2014-01-08; Ord. 2015-11-24)

D.    Postponement of Installation Due to Weather Conditions.

    In order to install landscaping during the spring or fall planting season, the responsible official may allow postponement of the landscaping due to weather conditions, with appropriate financial guarantees. In such cases, verification of the installation of required landscape and the two-year maintenance period will commence following installation.

E.    Verification of the Installation of Required Landscape.

    In order to ensure that the landscape has been installed in conformance with the approved landscape plan(s) the applicant shall provide verification in accordance with Section 40.320.030(B).

F.    Period of Maintenance.

    The developer shall maintain landscaping and irrigation systems (if any) for a minimum of two (2) years after provisional acceptance of the abutting roadway. One hundred percent (100%) of all trees and shrubs must be living at the end of the two (2) year maintenance period. The developer shall replace all the diseased, dying or dead plant material. Any plant materials replaced shall be maintained for an additional two (2) years.

G.    County’s Role.

    Alternatively, the county may accept a fee in lieu of improvements and complete the landscaping itself. The fee shall be based upon the approved landscape plan, and will be in an amount sufficient to cover the cost of installing the landscaping and maintaining it for two (2) years, including administrative costs.

H.    Arterials and Collectors in the Urban Area.

1.    Applicable Area. On all arterials and collectors in the urban area, the area between the back of sidewalk and the right-of-way and between the back of curb and sidewalk, as well as the area within all medians constructed within a public road, shall be landscaped with drought-resistant plants (see the Standard Details Manual).

2.    Landscaping Plan – Additional Requirements. The responsible official may require additional improvements, including the installation of irrigation, for any significant variation from the specifications contained in the Standard Details Manual. A nonexclusive list of allowed plant materials for street medians and rights-of-way is included in the Standard Details Manual.