40.320.030 Landscaping Plans

A.    Submittal Requirements.

    Landscape plans for landscaping on private property and landscaping within the public right-of-way required pursuant to the UDC shall show all proposed landscape improvements described in Table 40.510.050-1.

B.    Verification of the Installation of Required Landscape.

    In order to ensure that the landscape has been installed in conformance with the approved landscape plan(s) the applicant shall submit the following information:

A copy of the approved landscape plan(s) with a letter signed and stamped by a landscape architect licensed in the state of Washington certifying that the landscape and irrigation (if any) have been installed in accordance with the attached approved plan(s) and verifying that any plant substitutions are comparable to the approved plantings and suitable for the site. Any substituted plants shall be no smaller than those shown on the approved plan(s) and shall have similar characteristics in terms of height, drought tolerance and suitability for screening.