40.460.580 Views and Aesthetics

A.    Visual access shall be maintained, enhanced, and preserved as appropriate on shoreline street-ends, public utility rights-of-way above and below the ordinary high water mark, and other view corridors.

B.    Development on or over the water shall be constructed to avoid interference with views from surrounding properties to the adjoining shoreline and adjoining waters to the extent practical.

C.    A new or expanded building or structure over thirty-five (35) feet in height above average grade level that obstructs the shoreline view of a substantial number of residents shall only be allowed when overriding considerations of the public interest will be served. The Shoreline Administrator shall require a view analysis including view corridors, view profiles, and vertical profiles from various locations to determine if shoreline views will be obstructed.

D.    Clearing or pruning to preserve or create views shall be allowed as follows:

1.    When shoreline stability and shoreline ecological functions are maintained; and

2.    The applicable standards in Sections 40.460.560 and 40.460.570 are met.

(Added: Ord. 2012-07-16)