40.510.025    Type II-A Process – Administrative Decisions

A.    Purpose.

    The purpose of this section is to provide an alternative process for reviews of conditional uses, planned unit developments, and master plans which combine features of the Type II and Type III processes.

B.    Applicability.

1.    Under this section, applications for conditional use permits, planned unit developments, and master plans shall be reviewed using a Type II-A process, and in conjunction with Sections 40.520.030(C), 40.520.070(D) and (E), and 40.520.080(F).

C.    Approval Process.

1.    Pre-application review under Section 40.510.030(A) is required for all conditional uses, planned unit developments and master plans.

2.    Neighborhood Meeting.

a.    The applicant must hold a neighborhood meeting within the ninety (90) day period prior to the submittal of an application for a conditional use, planned unit development, or master planned development. This meeting is to exchange information on the development design, and review issues and alternatives prior to the application. The meeting must be held at a location within a reasonable distance of the proposed development site on a weekday evening. A pre-application conference does not substitute for a neighborhood meeting.

b.    The applicant must send out notices at least fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting to the following:

(1)    The Chair of the Neighborhood Associations Council of Clark County (NACCC);

(2)    The county-recognized official representative of the Neighborhood Association, if one exists, that includes the proposed site;

(3)    The county staff representative responsible for neighborhood relations; and

(4)    All landowners within a radius of five hundred (500) feet of the proposed site.

(5)    The mailing list used for notification shall be based on the most recent property tax assessment rolls within thirty (30) days of mailing of the Clark County Assessor. At the request of the applicant, and upon payment of an applicable fee, the county will provide the required mailing list.

c.    The notice must identify the date, time and place of the meeting and provide a description of the proposed development.

d.    The applicant must post the meeting notification in the neighborhood news section of the local press, and post a sign with the neighborhood notification in a conspicuous location near the edge of the property containing the proposed development.

e.    A copy of the notice, mailing list, proposed development plan, minutes and sign-in sheet from the meeting must be submitted with the application.

3.    After the neighborhood meeting is held, the application shall be processed following the procedures in Section 40.510.020, unless a public hearing is required under Section 40.510.025(C)(5).

4.    Exceptions.

a.    A public hearing is required if:

(1)    The applicant requests the application be processed as a Type III review;

(2)    The responsible official refers the proposal to the Hearing Examiner; or

(3)    A hearing is requested by anyone within twenty-one (21) days from when the public comment period began.

5.    Public Hearing Requested.

    If a public hearing is requested:

a.    Public hearing notices and procedures as required under Section 40.510.030 shall be required; and

b.    The Hearing Examiner shall review the application and approve, approve with conditions, or deny the application.

(Added: Ord. 2010-08-06; Ord. 2012-07-03; Ord. 2012-12-23)