40.540.060    Drafting Standards – Preliminary and Final Plats

A.    Preferred Scale Proportions.

    The preferred scale proportions for preliminary and final plats are ratios as follows: (1) one to six hundred (1:600) (1 inch = 50 feet); (2) one to one thousand, two hundred (1:1,200) (1 inch = 100 feet); or (3) one to two thousand, four hundred (1:2,400) (1 inch = 200 feet); but in no case shall the proportion exceed one to two thousand four hundred (1:2,400).

B.    Final Plat Drawing Requirements.

1.    The final plat shall either (a) be drawn with ink upon 3-mil Mylar film, or equivalent, or (b) consist of a photo Mylar with a fixed silver halide base; said sheets to be either (a) thirty (30) inches by twenty-one (21) inches or (b) thirty-six (36) inches by twenty-four (24) inches, with a one (1) inch border on each side.

2.    The following layers of the final plat shall be prepared as a drawing interchange file (DXF). This digital file shall be saved on a 3.5" high density disk, CD-ROM, or transmitted via electronic mail. The submitted DXF shall conform to the layering scheme in Table 40.540.060-1:

Table 40.540.060-1. DXF Layers

Layer Description

Feature Type

Parcel Boundary


Road Centerline


Road Right-of-Way


PLSS Corner


Road Name


Parcel Lot Number


C.    Lettering.

1.    For the hard copy submittal, lettering shall be at least eight one-hundredths (0.08) inch high, in uppercase letters with line weight and lettering style suitable for reduction and microfilming. The perimeter of the final plat shall be depicted with heavier lines (dashed) than the remaining portion of the plat.

2.    For the digital file, the text shall be configured as follows:

a.    The size and the orientation of lot numbers shall be such that the entire text string is within the parcel boundary.

b.    The street name shall be in capital letters.

D.    Location.

    All data necessary for the location in the field of all points within the plat shall be shown. Straight lines shall be designated with bearing and distance; curves shall be designated by arc length, central angle, and radius. All dimensions shall be in feet or meters, and decimals thereof to the nearest one-hundredth (0.01) of a foot, or five-thousandths (0.005) of a meter; except that angles shall be in degrees to the nearest second.