40.540.070    Final Plat

A.    Application Form.

    An application form shall be provided by the department, and shall contain the following information:

1.    Plat name;

2.    Name, mailing address and telephone number of owner and/or developer, and surveyor of the plat;

3.    Location;

4.    Date;

5.    Acreage;

6.    Number of lots;

7.    Zoning designation; and

8.    Comprehensive plan designation.

(Amended: Ord. 2018-01-09)

B.    Submittal Requirements.

    All of the materials listed below must be submitted for a fully complete application, unless otherwise authorized by the responsible official:

1.    Completed application form;

2.    Application fee pursuant to Title 6;

3.    Proposed final plat:

a.    Proposed Final Plat – Map Data. The final plat shall be prepared in compliance with the drafting standards in Section 40.540.060 and shall include the following:

(1)    Subdivision name;

(2)    Legend;

(3)    Location, including one-quarter (1/4) section, section, township, range, and, as applicable, donation land claim and/or subdivision;

(4)    Boundary survey;

(5)    Lot, block and street right-of-way and centerline dimensions;

(6)    Street names;

(7)    Scale, including graphic scale, north arrow and basis of bearings;

(8)    Identification of areas to be dedicated;

(9)    Surveyor’s certificate, stamp, date and signature;

(10)    Signature blocks for the following:

(a)    County Engineer;

(b)    County Auditor;

(c)    County Manager;

(d)    County Assessor;

(e)    Clark County Health Department (if septic or well systems are proposed); and

(f)    The responsible official;

(11)    Special setbacks (if any);

(12)    Private easements (if any);

(13)    Utility easements;

(14)    Walkways (if any); and

(15)    Parcel areas of lots expressed in square footage for developments in the urban area and acreage for developments in the rural area.

b.    Mathematical closures.

c.    Proposed Final Plat – Copies.

(1)    The number of copies (“bluelines”) of the proposed final plat established by the responsible official, and

(2)    One (1) reduced copy of the proposed final plat at a scale of one (1) inch equals two hundred (200) feet (1′′ = 200′).

4.    Final habitat permit and mitigation plan, if applicable.

5.    Construction plan approval letter, sight distance compliance letter or county approved approach permit.

a.    Where improvements are required, construction plan approval letters for the design of required improvements pursuant to Section 40.540.080 shall be submitted.

b.    For developments that do not require the submittal of construction plans, a Sight Distance Compliance Letter and/or a copy of the associated county approved approach permit shall be submitted. The compliance letter, verifying compliance with Chapter 40.350, shall be stamped, signed and dated by a professional civil engineer registered in the state of Washington.

6.    Written acceptance of the final public and private improvements or performance guarantee pursuant to Section 40.540.080, if applicable.

7.    Legal Documentation. The following signed and notarized original documents shall be provided:

a.    Certification for platting from a title company;

b.    Dedication of Plat. A plat certificate shall be provided, including dedications, if any (RCW 58.17.165). The intention to dedicate shall be evidenced by the owner by the presentment for filing of a final plat or short plat showing the dedication thereon; and, the acceptance by the public shall be evidenced by the approval of such plat for filing;

c.    A treasurer’s certificate;

d.    Legal description of the boundary which has been certified by the land surveyor shall be provided, with seal and signature as being an accurate description of the lands actually surveyed;

e.    Conditions, covenants and restrictions, notes, and/or binding agreements as required by this code, SEPA, conditions of preliminary plat approval or other law, including but not limited to the following:

(1)    Private road maintenance agreement, if applicable;

(2)    Recorded conservation covenant, if applicable; and

(3)    Latecomer’s agreement, if applicable;

f.    Utility letter(s) from the respective water and sewer service providers verifying the services have been installed, inspected and approved;

g.    Other legal documents required pursuant to the preliminary plat decision;

h.    Copy of recorded public and private off-site easements and right-of-way dedications for required improvements; and

i.    Developer Covenants to Clark County.

8.    Supporting Documentation. Additional fees and documentation may be required, including the following:

a.    Receipt showing payment of concurrency modeling fees;

b.    Verification that fees have been paid for stormwater and roadway improvements, if applicable.

c.    Copy of recorded public and private off-site easements and right-of-way dedications for required improvements;

d.    Verification of the installation of required landscape. Prior to recording the final plat, the applicant shall provide verification in accordance with Section 40.320.030(B) that the required landscape has been installed in accordance with the approved landscape plan(s); and

e.    Other supporting documents required pursuant to the preliminary plat decision.

9.    Mylar and Digital File. Upon compliance of the final plat and the construction plans with all preliminary plat conditions and with all applicable, adopted statutes and local ordinances, the responsible official shall request submittal of the final plat Mylar(s) for signature and submittal of a digital file for layers specified in Section 40.540.060 that conforms to all applicable requirements discussed in Section 40.540.060. If the applicant chooses, the county will prepare the digital file based upon the submitted Mylar. The applicant shall provide payment for the preparation of the digital file in accordance with Section 6.110A.020(2)(B)(III). Additionally, the responsible official shall forward the digital file to the Department of Assessment and GIS.

(Amended: Ord. 2004-06-11; Ord. 2004-11-04; Ord. 2005-04-12; Ord. 2018-01-09)

C.    Final Plat Procedure.

1.    Final plat applications are subject to a Type I review pursuant to Section 40.510.010.

2.    An applicant requesting final approval of a plat shall submit to the responsible official copies of the materials specified in Section 40.540.070(B).

3.    The responsible official shall review each submittal package for counter-completeness before initiating processing. Incomplete submittals will be returned to the applicant. An application shall not be deemed fully complete until all legal requirements and conditions of approval that are required to be fulfilled before final plat have been met.

4.    The department shall coordinate the final subdivision review among the appropriate county departments. The applicant shall be responsible for coordination with other agencies.

5.    Upon consideration of the approval criteria below, the responsible official shall sign and forward the final plat to the County Manager as provided by RCW 58.17.100.

a.    The plat is in proper form for recording as established by the submittal requirements;

b.    The final plat map and mathematical closures are in compliance with the survey standards set forth in Section 40.540.100;

c.    All required improvements have been completed or the arrangements or contracts have been entered into to guarantee that such required improvements will be completed;

d.    The final plat is in conformance with conditions of preliminary plat approval. Final plats for commercial and industrial properties shall be in substantial conformance with the preliminary plat if lot sizes are within the range of lot sizes proposed for the preliminary plat;

e.    The final plat complies with the requirements of this chapter and all applicable, adopted statutes and local ordinances.

6.    The County Manager, upon consideration of the final subdivision, shall sign the final plat accepting such dedications and easements as may be included thereon. Written notice of the County Manager’s decision shall be provided to the applicant and the applicant’s representative.

7.    Recording. Upon approval of the final plat by the County Manager, and after all other statutory requirements have been met, the plat shall be recorded by the County Auditor pursuant to Section 40.540.110. In addition, if copies of conservation covenants pursuant to Section 40.540.070(B)(7)(e) and public and private off-site easements and right-of-way dedications for required improvements pursuant to 40.540.070(B)(7)(h) have not previously been recorded, they shall be recorded concurrently with the plat.

(Amended: Ord. 2004-11-04; Ord. 2018-01-09)