40.540.080    Construction of Required Improvements

A.    Construction Plans.

    Where improvements are required, plans for such improvements shall be submitted to the County Engineer, who shall review them for conformance with conditions of preliminary plat approval and other adopted county standards as of the date of preliminary plat approval. Approval shall be given by the signature of the County Engineer on the improvement plans. Improvements shall be designed by or under the direct supervision of a licensed engineer where required by statute (Chapters 18.08, 18.43, and 18.96 RCW). The licensed engineer shall certify same by seal and signature. All construction plans shall comply with the provisions of Subtitle 40.3, and in addition to the above certification shall contain the following:

1.    Subdivision name;

2.    Name, mailing address, and telephone number of engineer preparing the plan; and

3.    Date (month and year).

B.    Construction Prior to Final Plat Approval Bonds.

1.    In lieu of the completion of any required public improvements prior to approval of a final plat, the County Engineer may accept a bond, in an amount and with surety and conditions satisfactory to him, or other secure method as the County Engineer may require, providing for and securing to the county the actual construction and installation of such improvements within a period specified by the County Engineer, and specified in the bond or other agreement; and to be enforced by the County Engineer by appropriate legal and equitable remedies.

2.    Construction shall not start prior to both the construction plans having been signed by the County Engineer and the final plat survey computations having been approved by the County Engineer; except that rough grading operations may proceed before the plans are approved by the County Engineer under the following conditions:

a.    The grading plan is submitted separately, along with an application for the grading permit;

b.    The grading plan is in conformance with the approved preliminary plat;

c.    The grading plan will not be in substantial conflict with the street profiles and drainage structure plans; and

d.    The grading permit is issued.