40.540.090    Monumentation

A.    Imprinted Monumentation.

    All monuments set in subdivisions and surveyed short subdivisions shall be at least one-half (1/2) inch by twenty-four (24) inch steel bar or rod, or equivalent, with durable cap imprinted with the license number of the land surveyor setting the monument.

B.    Centerline Monumentation.

    After paving, except as provided in Section 40.540.090(E), monuments shall be driven flush with the finished road surface at the following intersections:

1.    Street centerline intersections.

2.    Points of intersection of curves if placement falls within the paved area; otherwise, at the beginnings and endings of curves.

3.    Intersections of the plat boundaries and street centerlines.

C.    Property Line Monumentation.

    All front corners, rear corners, and beginnings and endings of curves shall be set with monuments, except as provided in Section 40.540.090(E). In cases where street curbs are concentric and/or parallel with front right-of-way lines, front property line monumentation may be provided by brass screws or concrete nails at the intersections of curb lines and the projections of side property lines. If curb monumentation is used, it shall be noted on the plat, and also that such monumentation is good for projection of line only and not for distance.

D.    Post-Monumentation.

    All monuments for the exterior boundaries of the subdivision shall be set and referenced on the plat prior to plat recording. Interior monuments need not be set prior to recording if the developer certifies that the interior monuments shall be set within ninety (90) days of final subdivision construction inspection by the County Engineer, and if the developer guarantees such interior monumentation.

1.    The developer shall sign the following certification, which shall be recorded with the plat dedication, if post-monumentation of the interior monuments is chosen:

I,                   , certify that the post-monumentation of the interior monuments of this plat shall be accomplished within ninety (90) days of final acceptance of subdivision construction by the County Engineer for Clark County, Washington.

2.    The land surveyor shall clearly note on the face of the plat which corners are to be post-monumented. After performing any post-monumentation, the land surveyor shall certify that the interior monuments have been set in compliance with the final plat, and shall record the following certification with the county auditor:

I,                   , certify that I have set the interior monuments for “                  ”, a subdivision plat recorded in Book                   , Page                   , Records of Clark County, and that said monuments are set in compliance with said final plat.
DATED this                    day of      , 20      .
(License number, seal, and signature of surveyor)

3.    If the surveyor cannot certify that the monuments are in compliance with the final plat, the discrepancy shall be resolved by filing an amended final plat in accordance with the provisions of Section 40.540.070.

E.    Post-Monumentation Bonds.

    In lieu of setting interior monuments prior to final plat recording as provided in Section 40.540.090(C), the County Engineer may accept a bond in an amount and with surety and conditions satisfactory to him, or other secure method as the County Engineer may require, providing for and securing to the county the actual setting of the interior monuments as provided in Section 40.540.090(C), and to be enforced by the County Engineer by appropriate legal and equitable remedies.