40.630.060 Impact Fee Credits

A.    The developer shall be entitled to a credit against the applicable impact fee component for dedication of land for, and reasonable documented construction acceptable to the county engineer associated with the improvement to, or new construction of, any system improvements provided by the developer (or the developer’s predecessor in interest), to facilities that are identified in the capital facilities plan in place at the time impact fees are calculated or recalculated as set forth in Section 40.610.040 and Section 40.630.030. Such dedication or construction must be required by the county as a condition of approval for the immediate development proposal. Credits shall be issued at the time impact fees are imposed as set forth in Section 40.610.040.

B.    For the traffic component of the impact fee, credits shall be based upon estimated costs set forth in the capital facilities plan. Credit shall be calculated by multiplying the proportion of the total system improvement being provided by the developer times the estimated cost of such system improvement in the capital facilities plan; provided, that the County Engineer may adjust the credit to account for extraordinary cut, fill or structural costs which are reflected in the plan estimate.

C.    Additionally, the developer may be provided a credit against the impact fee in an amount up to ten percent (10%) of the traffic component thereof for the value of mass transit facilities that are approved by the county and made a condition of approval for the development.

D.    Where impact fees are owing prior to completion of a system improvement undertaken by the developer, the impact fee shall be reduced by eighty-five percent (85%) of the allowable credit up to the amount of the impact fee for the subject development when the system improvements have been assured by a bond or other guarantee to be completed no later than the date of occupancy for commercial/industrial/multifamily structures or the final building inspection for single-family and other uses. Upon completion of the required system improvement, the remainder of the credits will be issued.

E.    Credits recognized by the county may be utilized in lieu of cash payment of impact fees for the subject development and/or any other development within the same service area; provided, that PIF credits shall first be applied to offset impact fees for the subject development.

F.    In the Highway 99 Overlay district, the developer may be eligible for credits or trip reductions as set forth in the Traffic Impact Fee Technical Document.

(Amended: Ord. 2010-07-07)