40.630.050 Impact Fee Exemptions

The following developments shall be exempt from the requirement for payment of impact fees:

A.    Publicly operated primary and secondary schools, including facilities of an E.S.D., excluding comprehensive high schools. The traffic impact fee for a comprehensive high school may be reduced based on special studies that consider factors such as minimizing the size of school parking lots, adoption/enforcement of no parking and permit parking areas near schools, implementation of commute trip reduction and other travel demand management strategies, scheduling of school activities and events off-peak, and the consideration of pass-by and diverted traffic.

B.    The impact fee for an exempt development shall be calculated as provided for in this chapter and paid with public funds. Such payment may be made by including such amount(s) in the public share of system improvements undertaken within the applicable service area.

(Amended: Ord. 2007-09-14)