Chapter 1.04


1.04.010    Enacting clause.

1.04.020    Numbering.

1.04.030    Ordinances copied.

1.04.040    Open to public inspection.

1.04.010 Enacting clause.*

The enacting clause to each and every ordinance passed by the city council of the city of Clarkston, Washington, shall be in the following words: “Be it ordained by the council of the city of Clarkston.” [Ord. 1 § 1, 1902.]

*    For statutory authority, see RCW 35.24.210.

1.04.020 Numbering.

Each ordinance shall be numbered successively in the order of their passage by the council. [Ord. 1 § 2, 1902.]

1.04.030 Ordinances copied.

Each ordinance shall be copied in the ordinance book within 48 hours after its passage. [Ord. 1 § 3, 1902.]

1.04.040 Open to public inspection.

The public shall have free access to inspect the ordinance book at all reasonable hours of the day. [Ord. 1 § 4, 1902.]