Chapter 2.52


2.52.010    Membership.

2.52.020    Prior service credit basis.

2.52.010 Membership.

The city has elected and does elect to participate as a member of the Public Employee Retirement System for pension, disability and retirement for the employees as provided by Chapter 41.40 RCW; that all employees and officials for membership in the system as defined in Chapter 41.40 RCW shall be included in the system; provided, that no elective official shall be included unless the official so elects and files a written notice of such election with the director of the retirement system and with the clerk of the city. [Ord. 945 § 6, 1983.]

2.52.020 Prior service credit basis.

The basis for prior service credit shall be 100 percent of final compensation known as “full prior service credit.” [Ord. 945 § 6, 1983.]