Chapter 6.08


6.08.010    Animals at large prohibited.

6.08.020    Notification to owner.

6.08.030    Reclaiming sold property.

6.08.040    Fees.

*    For statutory authority preventing and regulating the running at large of animals, see RCW 35.24.290(2).

6.08.010 Animals at large prohibited.

It is unlawful for any cow, calf, ox, steer, bull, horse, mare, colt, stallion, mule, jack or jenny, or any hog, pig, goat, kid, sheep or lamb, to run at large in any of the streets, lanes, alleys, public grounds, or public places in the city. [Ord. 6 § 1, 1902.]

6.08.020 Notification to owner.

It shall be the duty of the police chief of the city at all times when any of the animals mentioned in CMC 6.08.010 are found running at large in the city to immediately take up the same and to notify the owner thereof, if said owner be known, and if not known, the police chief shall give notice of such taking up, by posting in three public places within the city a notice giving full description of such animal or animals, with their marks or brands, if any there be, which said notice shall be posted at least five days and shall contain a provision that said animals will be sold to pay costs and charges, giving the time and place of sale.

The police chief is hereby authorized to sell any and all unclaimed property described herein for cash to pay costs and expenses. The money derived from such sale (less costs and expenses) shall be paid to the city treasurer and shall remain in the city treasury for one year, and may within said time be claimed by the owner of the property sold, which said owner shall establish his claim to said money by such evidence as may be required in a court of justice to prove said claim. [Ord. 6 § 2, 1902.]

6.08.030 Reclaiming sold property.

The owner of any property sold under this chapter may reclaim the same within 90 days from the time of sale by paying the purchase price with 10 percent in addition and by paying such sum as may be just for the keeping of the same, and the police chief shall give notice at the time of sale that the property is sold subject to redemption. [Ord. 6 § 3, 1902.]

6.08.040 Fees.

For performing the duties required by this chapter, the police chief shall be entitled to the following fees: For taking up and advertising or giving notice, $1.00 per head; for keeping the same, $0.35 per head per day; for selling, $1.00 per head. [Ord. 6 § 4, 1902.]