Chapter 7.24


7.24.010    Definitions.

7.24.020    Exemptions.

7.24.030    Open burning regulations.

7.24.040    Violation – Misdemeanor.

7.24.010 Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter and unless the context indicates otherwise, the following definitions are adopted:

(1) “Control officer” means the mayor of the city or his designated representative.

(2) “Incinerator” means any device, structure or contrivance used to burn refuse as defined herein, or process refuse herein, in any way.

(3) “Open burning” means the burning of any matter in such a manner that the products of combustion resulting from burning are emitted directly into the open atmosphere without passing through a stack, chimney or duct of an approved incinerator as defined herein.

(4) “Person” means an individual, firm, public or private corporation, association, partnership, political subdivision, municipality or government agency.

(5) “Refuse” means any combustible solid, liquid or gaseous waste material; including garbage, rubbish, trade wastes, leaves, salvageable material, agricultural waste and other wastes. [Ord. 1322 § 1, 2000.]

7.24.020 Exemptions.

The following activities are exempt under the terms of this chapter:

(1) Barbecues;

(2) Ceremonies;

(3) Fireplaces;

(4) Firefighting training under the direction of the control officer;

(5) Weed or fire hazard control under the direction of the control officer;

(6) Other buildings, structures and material deemed a hazard to public safety or health by the control officer. [Ord. 1322 § 1, 2000.]

7.24.030 Open burning regulations.

Except as provided in CMC 7.24.020, all open burning shall be prohibited. [Ord. 1322 § 1, 2000.]

7.24.040 Violation – Misdemeanor.

Violations of any part, portion or section of this chapter shall be a misdemeanor and punishable as provided in RCW 9A.20.020(3). [Ord. 1322 § 1, 2000.]